[8/26/09] 8 on the Break SF4 Weekly Results

lots of stuff happened in this SF4 weekly:

1: dieminion (E Honda)
2: Marn (Rufus)
3: Ryder (Abel, Ryu)
4: Andre
5: Rashaan
5: Elias Whitney
7: Rigel
7: SKaR
9: KDZ
9: OSUmaddness
9: Mobkiller
9: Chemist for Hire
13: PhillyOne
13: Kooper
13: MarlinPie
17: OutPhasen
17: Hacker Mike
17: Puppy Grapist
17: Dynicksty
17: Katamari

Stuff also happened in BlazBlue

1: Jiyuna (Jin)
2: LordKnight (Litchi)
3: Bad Fish (Tager)
4: Ril
5: Segretezza
5: PhillyOne
7: KDZ
7: $RIGEL$
9: Miki-Miki
9: Hacker Mike
9: Double D
9: Doof
13: Nico
13: Chibi
13: BizzyBiz

good stuff all, it was fun playin u guys.

Yeah, RAY! Getting 4th in BlazBlue n shit! Keep doing your thing with Litchi, man! Eric and Sy, good shit coming in 5th and 9th, too!

well my first blazblue tourney went really good actually i didnt think i was gonna do so well, i am actually really proud of myself, but the grand finals was funny because it was the two guys who beat me so yeah lol it made me more proud. mad props to both of them, this time around i didnt feel like entering sf4. was funny entry fee was 5 and i won 5, mad props to hackermike himself cause he plays a great rachel.

my major problem thoough was all the sf4 asswholes who were being extremely disrespectful to us bb players though it seemed like it only happened during my matches, constantly walking and going through in front of our tourney matches not fuckin cool at all, then the one guy who punched the glass and sorta pushed me off
the stool while i was playing luckily i just won my match when that happened, but seriously, those sf4 fags really need to calm down and respect the other shit going on lifes not all about them, anyways good shit to KDZ for running this all the time also good shit for 2nd place evo sc4 bro.

Really doesn’t help when you call them SF4 Fags and SF4 Assholes either, etc etc

They could just be assholes that happen to play SF4, rather than assholes because they play SF4. Anyhow, the setup was a bit more cramped than usual, since we could only use two sides of the pool table. It’ll be fixed next week.

yeah the second one is what i meant awholes who play sf4 no disresoect to anybody who isnt an ass, like u kdz or ryan mad props to both of ya lol
and ok sounds great as long as people dont just walk in front of the match then im chill with them.


good shit to the usual suspects. is dieminion skye, or do we have a new honda beast?

Dieminion is Kevin Landon. Top Honda and the best Guile player on the East Coast.

This was his pre-Evo interview.


I’m so done with BB, I was pretty free this week, I’m not entering it again, I want to get into Tekken.

Also I’ll have an actual MBAA set up next time for the two people who care, hooray.

haha thanks man. Kevin just started showing up last week but this dude is sick nasty.

i couldnt make it last nite, my new job got me running around. But any chance can we get results from last week? i ran out of there b4 it ended so i was curious where i ended up.

ohhh that landon, yea hes og…

i’ll have to see him play before judging but skye is a killer…

A new player, in the mix.

I’m glad I came down for this(I was the Ginger Jin), it was a lot of fun.

LordKnight your Litchi is unreal. I gotta learn how to defend myself in the corner against her. You put me in the corner and it was a rap! :rofl: GGs :tup:

I had an INSANE match against Segretezza’s Nu. Every game went 3 rounds, we both had to burst EVERY round with like 10% health left, and it went on for 3 games. This was the best and most fun fight I’ve had since playing BB. Seriously great games Segretezza. I look forward to playing you online. :tup:

Bad Fish I swear your Tager is top teir. It took me a game to figure out what to do, but by then it was too late :rofl:. All in all, I didn’t mind losing, it was fun, and your Tager is a BEAST. Seriously, I’ve never seen a Tager eat a Nu like that before. No disrespect to the Nu player, you must really know that match. Anyways good games Bad Fish. :tup:

At the end of the day it was a great first tournament experience. I met some really cool people and got some friend requests. Mad props to KDZ for running a kick ass tournament and being a super cool guy :tup:. It’s too bad I didn’t get to fight you. Maybe I’ll catch you online sometime :wink:. This Tourney really has me itchin’ to enter an other one. It’s too bad I start working again next week and wont be able to come anymore :sad:(I work nights at UPS). Maybe if there is some weekend tourneys, “relatively” close by, I might bump into you guys. Until then, peace out.

Phil i think pushing the pool table up against the wall (from its old position) would make for a good setup. that would comfortably have room for 5 setups while giving people plenty of room to spectate and get by.

Uh… unfortunately, I had to go. I beat Kevin 3-0 in Winner’s, had to go, so I took 2nd place money and left… I woulda scraped his shit in grand finals just like in winner’s !! FREEEEE

I was the Nu player Bad Fish won against. I’m not taking his win away from him, but I completely lost motivation to even play at that point, I had been on the fence with bothering to play BB for a while and this tournament pretty much showed me that I don’t really care for the game anymore, so I bowed out and got urfed pretty hard against him. Next time I’ll just watch Steve and Andrew play each other in grand finals, again.


interesting results…
im gonna try and make it up to the next break tourney since its the only weekly I can go to now LOL!

i thought marn was the best in the world and sponsored by samsung what is going on