8/18 Hagerstown Tourney results

Due to the large amount of players, I’m only going to list the top 4 spots for each game to save time.

Guilty Gear X
1st - Shawn “CHARLIE-GOD” Johnson
2nd - Dane Zacot
3rd - Toby “Sir-Jabs-Alot” Wantz
4th - Greg “Stray” Compton

1st - Shawn Johnson
2nd - James "Dookit"
3rd - Mastin "Neomas77"
4th - Dane Zacot/Tommy Newlin (tie)

Alpha 3
1st - Shawn Johnson
2nd - Tommy Newlin
3rd - Steve “Stevefly” Bissett
4th - James “Dookit”

Alpha 3 note: Finals between Shawn and Tommy were done by random select. It could have gone either way.

1st - Mastin "Neomas77"
2nd - James "Dookit"
3rd - Shawn Johnson
4th - Dane Zacot

Great tourny!

Thinks… Wonders what happend to the guys from VA?

Only thing that kinda sucked was not havin a 3rdS tourney, I just had an urge to play it for some reason. Next time I see ya C-GOD, I wanna play some of that SSF2T. I need some time with that one to get up-to-date again.

“Alpha 3 was the past…Guilty Gear is the future.”:lol: :lol: :smiley: sorry, I had to do that:p One day I’ll actually make it to one of the GGX tourneys. What the…?

I’m there next time around! Guile will make his return! :smiley:

Yeah, we will get together and play some SSF2Turbo soon. We are going to play GGX tomorrow if you want to come down. Just give my a call. Later!


Will missed your Guile. You can never have enough Guile’s. Don’t worry, I did him justice. Ha! The last fight was against a real good Ryu player. You know how tough that match is. I was VERY happy to win that one. The next tourney won’t be until another month.

Sup peeps!!! To all those that showed up great tourney! Learned a lot and had a great time doing so. Good games to all. Wish I would have found out about you guys sooner. Dammit, now I have to invest in a copy of Alpha 3. Also thanks for the copy of Guilty Gear X. I’ll be sure to practice so I can give you guys a little bit of a challenge.


Glad you made it and ya better come to the next one, or just come up and play when ever just give tom a call or somthing or pm me with your number. C ya

Hey Dookit and others who would like to find Alpha3 DC. For only $9.95!


Next time I’m gonna be on top of that Guilty Gear chart.:smiley: Or at least second… or third. Shit, just as long as I’m on damn chart. Haven’t I said that before?:o

Yeah know… I was thinking maybe it was a good idea that those guy from VA did’nt show up… Cause they would have went home empty handed… An thats a long drive for nothing…:frowning:

:lol: :lol: :lol: words from the master of trash talking:) So the next tourney won’t be for another month? Not that I mind, though, I think it’d be cool if you split the games in half. Like, the next one would be SSF2T, A3, and 3rdS and the one after that would be GGX, CVS2, and ? . Just an idea:cool: The ? could be MOTW, a SS, LB2, SC, VF, etc. Peace out…

put your money where your mouth is. and yea, its a freaking hella long drive, your right about that. I didnt come up for a reason, not to be explained to you. anyways, when you learn to play on a REAL ALPHA 3, i will alow you to step up. as for now, just keep talking trash, cuz thats about all i see potential from you.

you started the flame, well, here i am.

btw, if i dont respond to your next probably only “trash talking” post, its cuz i have no time to deal with a kid like you. we already came up, why not come down?. how about you drive that fucking long time and tell me how it is? and we will gladly rape you in our turf, we already came up and owned. the best dont come to you, you come to the best. btw, a3 is old as hell, pick up cvs2 and i’ll gladly rape you there too. mvc2, 3s, you name it.

this is intended to sir-jabs-alot only, for he brought up VA. although, i will accept anyone who thinks they got beef with us.



this is intended to sir-jabs-alot only, for he brought up VA. although, i will accept anyone who thinks they got beef with us.


Haha… No need to get so upset… I poseted that shit because Tommy(owner of the tourny house) wanted me to post that… Its funny how your like “Where on our way right now…” and you told my boy you would be here on sat around 2. You could have at least called for 2 mins and said oh sorry we can’t make it. So shit just happend blah blah… He was going to even let you stay in his own house… you guys who he’s only met once. I was even hoping you would have showed up. Its fun to play you guys… But I have gotten better. Whats the arcade there? Where can I play you in A3 and if CvS2 is there I play you in that to… Tell me how to get there and i’ll be there… peace!


GT address is
664 s. picket st.
alexandria, va.

directions can be obtained from mapquest.com.

we were planning to show up, or else we would not make up a lie for no reason. things got sour in the end, and things didnt go the way it was planned. plus, lets not forget, unless it wasn’t mentioned. i also had to pick up wil martin in essex md and then head to haggerstown. and i live in arlington, va. which would of made my trip a triangle. basically one hour and a half to wil martin, and then another hour and so from his house to tommy’s. then i would also have to drive him home and head to my house. my initial plans where not to take my lexus up there and take a honda civic. but anyways, everything fell apart last minute. so we ended up not going. i appologize for not calling. but at least we didnt end up delaying the tourny.

GT has all the fighting games, a3, 3s, mvc2,mvc1,st,cvs2,t4. we are only missing a2. and not sure about sc2, dont know, dont care.

anytime you chose to drive down, will most likely be ok. i dont go to GT, and i actually havent been gamming for a while. but i dont mind going since GT is only 10 mins away.

Yeah I understand… It is a long drive I have no beef with you… I will give you a call soon when me and friends are going to GT so we can play… Also we are now having tournys every month now so maybe that will work out better for people that have to drive long hourse to get here. Anyway i’m glad you responded to my post and hope you make it to the next tourny. If you can’t make it please just call Tom… Peace!

heh, its not so easy to organize md/va is it kid.
tell d, i NEED the grandfathersword lappie back.

many granfather swords the kid has.

anyways, we need to talk. e-mail, chapinmastah@yahoo.com or msg on aim. peace.