8/15/09 Weekly Miami, FL Ranbats hosted by Final Round Arcade!

First of many to come Miami, FL ranbats!

Game: Street Fighter 4
Side game for the day: Capcom vs SNK 1 !!!

Where: Final Round Arcade
Mall of the Americas next to the AMC movie theater.
7795 West Flagler Street
Miami, FL 33144

When: Saturday 08/15/09
Sign up will be at 12:00 PM.
Tournament starts at 1:00 PM.

Rules: All characters are legal.
No one can switch characters throughout the tournament.
You must stay with the original character you picked at sign up. This does not mean you cannot switch throughout the season.

Standard 2/3 rounds. 2/3 matches. (same for loser’s)
Grand finals will be 2/3 rounds and 3/5 matches if agreed by both players. (2/3 matches is encouraged)

Double elimination - if you don’t know what that might be check this:

How it works: Each weekly ranbat will have the day’s pot of one (1) dollar from each player. Winner takes all.
And, each ranbat will take in one (1) dollar for the season’s total prize.
That will be split: 1st - 70%, 2nd - 20%, and 3rd - 10%

Fees: $5 gets you in the door. $1 for that day’s pot. $1 for the season’s total pot.

Point system: Only top 8 will receive points

[]1st - 8 points
]2nd - 7 points
[]3rd - 6 points
]4th - 4 points
[]5th - 3 points
]6th - 1 point

Spread the word and sign up to see what we can look forward to.
BlazBlue may also be held as a ranbat! Will be updated by the end of the week.
Get Hyped!

Capcom vs SNK 1

Rules: all characters and ex characters allowed
No making all characters ration two (2).
(this is done by holding down both punches and start at the title screen)

Matches will be either 2/3 or single - will be updated by end of the week.
This is due to time. CVS 1 matches can be notoriously long and there is only one cab.

Payout: 1st - 70%, 2nd - 20%, 3rd 10%

Fees: $5 to play.

I’ll try to make this.

i’ll be there

Hehe, this looks funny. Telling people “Don’t do this, but this is how you do it,”

I’m there for the ranbats for sure. This is gonna be hype. Good shit. Question. If we enter the ranbat on Saturday does that count towards the all day play or is the all day play discounted. Or we still need to pay full price if we wish to continue playing after the toiurney?

Oh shit time for andrew to get $200+ off that CVS1 scrub. Get hyped!!!

I’m making plans for the weekend but maybe i can change my plans to sunday instead.

Fuck yeah I randomly got Saturday of this works out hella well

**This will be updated by the end of the week. Has not yet been decided. **

If you would like to stay for the rest of the night to play then we only ask three (3) dollars more. ($3)

CvS1? Oh shit, we gotta bring Peter O to this. Free wins for Orlando!

If enough people are carpooling down, I’ll try to make it. Especially if BB gets hosted.

Cool thanks for the hasty update. Andrew for president bitches!!

^i would love to see andrew as our president considering the way he talks to us during our matches.

he would say something to the american people along the lines of “Fuck healthcare, and get better yourself with street fighter” :lol:

Shit I need to get Saturday off.

be on the look out we going back to rapids pretty soon like this weekend or next maybe. We spent $60 each for 2 days and we had a blast and we went to Wet Willie’s on City Place and got the shock treatment so start finding someone to cover for u. :party:

if it wasn’t this Sat then I’d be down. GL to all though. Glitch, whats up mayne!!

Ohh I’ll be going to this too.

i’ll try to show but work is a bitch

Damn son! Pass by any time. Games and we’ll chill.

I’m going to try and make this. I’m terrible at SF4, but I’d like to show some support. If not this time, later on in the month for sure.

I’ll be there as well.

I need to be at work in Ft. Lauderdale by 5pm. Think it will last that long?

the tournament will more than likely run pass that time. It all depends on how many people show. I hope that you still come out at least to check it out. I’d like to have as many people come out as possible. It will be weekly so, always next time.