(8/03/10) 8 on the Break Weekly #68

Another exciting tourney from the Break!

1: KDZ (Abel, Rufus)
1: MarlinPie (Cammy)
1: Ryder (Abel)
4: Andre
5: Dieminion
5: Arturo
7: TeaBossLegend
7: SKM
9: Quotes
9: Kazi
9: Min
9: Mike G
13: DemonEyes
13: Chemist4Hire
13: CyborgCop
13: Crazy Master Hand
17: Lone Wolf Troy
17: JD
17: DarkProduce
17: Kyugene
17: Mash
17: Dave Destruction
17: Malik Johnson
17: Noel FUCKING Brown
25: Kich
25: RonStoppable
25: Siiig
25: HackerMike
25: Starscream Jesus
25: atrocitus
25: Puccabuki
25: CJ
33: Matt P

3 break guardians?

YO MARLIN PIEEeeee good shit

the break is always gdlk

shout outs to kayoto and mike for the ride back to newark. thx dudes

What happened Min? Thought you were the new king?

is kattermari complains about lack of comp doesnt go to tournaments

stay free

Now that I know how Team Spooky “practices” I could get 9th place some day.

maybe but ud have to show up to play first

burnnnnn, you are the insult master

What’s with the KDZ/Marlin/Ryyyyyyyyyderrrrrr 3way? (Eww.)

me and 9th place are BFF’s at the break for some reason

the ice cream cake was definitely top 3 :coffee:

Good shit guys. You guys always top 3 when i’m not there.

FYC Top 3. We in there!

stacked card, good show

NJ TOP 3!!!

are there any vids?

Congrats to KDZ for winning his own tournament!!

Cyborg Cop not in top 8?? =[[[

Congrats, guys. Wish I could have seen the matches. Break withdrawal sux.

Shout outs to philanthropy for helping me out with updates and all that!

Shout outs to SKM being smart about character choice for the 2nd week in a row!!!

Shout outs to hackermike for results!

See you guys on the 17th!

Me and Sai were complaining about how we missed you man :frowning:

Everyone misses you already it’s only been a week!!!

<3 Dycknasty



body massage machine GO!


But damm. Good shit Break. 1st time there, and I gotta admit shit was godlike. Ill deff be showing up for future events.

When the hell is Jaxel gonna put the damn videos up?wtf man.Its been 5 days already