720 vs kara-throw

Normal throws have 3 frame startup while the 720 grab has 1 frame startup. Why does throw beat 720?

The only way a throw beats a Gigas breaker is if the Gigas break is going to miss in the first place.

Wait… so how would a throw beat a gigas breaker with that in mind? You’d have to be on the ground and in range, even for the longest kara throw.

Because of all the various situations where you can’t be grabbed. These include waking up, coming out of hit/block stun, just before landing from a jump or other air move, etc. Often the inability to be grabbed isn’t obvious (especially when coming out of stun). All people see is the Gigas freeze, then Hugo gets throw and they say, “Ohhh!” What they don’t see is that if the other player had simply stood there, the Gigas would have whiffed anyway.

I remember something from a different game that might be related.

I’ve seen Gief get thrown out of lvl3 FAB before in A3. I think it was because the throw started before the FAB. I don’t know the exact frames but I think this is the series of events:

1p throw starts
2p FAB starts (super flash)
1p throw executes immediately after super flash (grabs)
2p FAB doesn’t get a chance to grab

Now this is all assuming that there is some small delay between the super flash, and the actual grabbing of the FAB. I guess there MUST be, or else how would this happen?

Although it is probably what SlimX said, but maybe this could explain it?

No, the only way you can interrupt gigas is if it would not have hit in the first place. It might look like you can be grabbed, but if you are in the last frame of hitstun/blockstun when the gigas starts, it’s going to whiff and you’ll throw him out of the middle of the animation.

gigas is invincible until AFTER he grabs. that doesn’t mean the actual grab animation where you see his hands flop, but the computer-logical frame in which hugo grabs the opponent.

although why akuma gets hit out of KKZ…i’m still at a loss for words. i guess there was a transcription error somewhere along the the line…:bluu: it’s all good though. akuma is STILL top tier. :smiley: