7/29 SoVA Monthly

Fun tournament glad that everyone could make it out.

13 entrants

1st- Issac G.
2nd- Eric V.
3rd- BLT
4th- SMP
5th- SyberNinja
5th- DragonCharlz

3rd Strike
8 entrants

1st- Sayco & Eric V (decided to split pot)
3rd- Magneto
4th- BLT
5th- Young
5th- SMP

mvc2 is in desperate need of new sticks, gotten like 5 times worse than the last time. when im stripped from playing magneto im useless.

happhazard.com (i think thats the site) sells switches for $.75 a piece. all the switches need changing, but if anything the main 4 buttons on both side need it desperately. im not volunteering for victor, but you guys should have him hook it up if he wants to.

sayco a str8 up god in 3s and t5 gs bro

marvel just sucked for me, couldnt do anything, even turtle with sim. games coulda gone either way for anyone just about, i dunno how isaac still plays on them, but even then, he missed like 5 AHVB’s on me in a casual. i think everyone would be happy to chip in $.75 for a switch to get great games running on that cabin.

3s needs new sticks. buttons felt like they were working good, just that when i tap forward it jumps sometimes. sticks are about 5$ a piece. even though, i had some ggs vs all the chuns, since no other character is playable on there.

I know what you mean about the sticks and what not, but the owner says that he will work on them so by the next time they should be much better. Although, it’s not as bad as you say it is… except for 3S


tournament was mad fun was great to see everyone out and about i didnt expect marvel to get any heads glad the people that showed up…well showed up lol
that was like…wow…i walked in and got hit with the 1999 time warp
his old tactics were even working lol…sad
but good seeing you man come out more often seriously

i got owned up in tournament play…i just DON’T have it anymore…i really need help lol
i need to get foomy to come out of retirement…but thats like…impossible

i did however take SMP in a money match ft5 for 20 bucks

first off
MvC2 sticks to me feel fine
i never missed a move on sticks…i was missing on buttons
the right side wasnt timing right trying to dash or do supers (which is why people were missing AHVB or DASHING)
if you guys have any troubles with the sticks or buttons let me (if i am ther heh) or the person running tekken tournament know (since marvel is normaly ran by an out of towner but i think SMP ran it today) the manager was ther today and could have checked it out for you guys
unless you did ask and nothing happend then…my bad LOL
but i did notice the right player side having problems doing supers and it helped my victory over smp muahahahaha

as for 3rd strike…i cant get use to those sticks…they probably do need to be replaced awhile back i told the manager to put those sticks in ther from the other cabnit it was in but they arent working well…i think they are to tall and bouncy or something i dunno lol we will see what we can do by next monthly

i hope you guys enjoyed yourselves and come back for the next
we have to get someone else up and willing to take down issac lol

Why is it 1999 again…BLT playing in tournies again? wtf son…

BLT came, and no richmond? man…

GS isaac my lover, of course #1

and to the sticks, wes does what he can to make them the best… Hes always on top of it and helps out anyway he can…

as far as the buttons go, i dont think switches will help… it might just be a problem with the board, cause the switches have been changed several times before

the lk on the left side screwed me over more than enough times…even when i was picking characters i was like WTF im just starting to pick and its already sticking.

board? if the button doesnt register and i feel the click, it wouldnt be the switches? maybe ur pounding on it the last time gave it the last straw XD

that sux u couldnt make it, u woulda had a real good chance of winning 3s. i remember i think i played you WAYYYY long ago in a baltimore tourney in the basement of a restaurant. lol it went 2/3 and to the final round of the final match and you won by a pixel…i didnt know anything about the game game and picked SA1 for ken. good to see you owning on that pad tho.

blt omfg

Oh shit, B-L-mutha phuking-T!!!

“This is madness!”

Niggas letting Eric V win 3S?


his Capcom is more than enough to win 3S.

:frowning: + :slight_smile: = :confused:

Had FUn folks…

Isaac I feel like my cable might be the best in all of the south…

And I hope u never forget my akuma combo in 3rd (looking at Mag Maniac) lolz…hurricane + jab + tiger knee fb super!!!ahahahaha

Syber always a pleasure…

BLT = old cable student!!!

Hope you come out all the time, and if we get D perez back out…ill have my old crew again…sob…sob

Smp…teach S fox…plzzzzzz

Sayco…U are so to good bro…I cant wait to see u develop more…SKILLZ!!!

T flame where you at dog…jk…At N news I had not slept for over 2 days…I just woke…

LOC…stay cool man!!!

Grizzly…enuff said!!!

why u had to land that combo on me? ruining my 3s rep already thats not cool bro lol j/p.

yo i didnt even know negative edge counted for raging demon now kara demon is easy as hell.


Sorry I couldn’t make this one. But I should be able to make anything before Evo. Please hold another one before I head off to law school.

And I’d be open to hosting CvS2 this weekend. How many people do you think you’d be bringing?

BLT brought me up from total scrubdom. I am proud to call him a true sensei. I’m really sorry I missed a BLT appearance.

Wow, 5th isn’t bad I suppose since alot of big names always show up. I had lots of fun playing and had some matches that I was really proud of. But wow, I had only heard of BLT from my brother years ago, I never knew that who it was until the tournament started. No wonder it was so hard to… win and stuff, lol. I gotta figure out how to fight Black Heart though, thx Syber for the advice, to bad it was after the match, lol. I’ll remember for next time though. I’m putting up my matches soon, hope to see you guys next monthly. :wgrin:


i hope you’re being sarcastic

Eric V. is clearly being sarcastic. He’s from NOVA, which is not part of the South.

whose better? Get the MM on and let me see the video.

I wouldn’t mind. What time would you be arriving, and how many people would you be bringing?