7/28 Drom's BlazBlue CS Release Party


In celebration of Blazblue Continuum Shift’s release, Drom’s and Iplaywinner is hosting a gathering/party at Drom’s Comics and Cards.

For your convenience:
Time: 6pm - Midnight (at latest, since the store is doing us a favor)
Date: 7/28 (This is the street date of the game)
Location: 231 G Street, Suite #4 Davis, CA 95616
Phone: 530 758 2280
Venue Fee: $2
Also, bringing food to contribute would be nice.
[]This event will be Iplaywinner **streamed **by Thxyoutoo and commentated on by Spirit Juice of the Dustloop forums.
]Food and Pizza!
[*]A chance to play and get to know a new game and community.

I might need some help getting some additional setups. At the moment, we have confirmed:

  1. 2 Tv’s, 2 ps3’s, enough sticks (don’t even worry), 2 copies of Blazblue CS (will buy).

I will need two tv’s and one ps3 setup. If anyone is willing to help, it would be much appreciated.

Please post here if you’re interested in attending!

hype hype, attending

I’ll be there. Bringing one copy, my PS3, one stick, and my ASUS monitor.

I’ll see you all on Wed!

If you want to buy food to bring but don’t know what to get in Davis, might I suggest a delicious pizza from Village Bakery

And might I suggest you come for food and some quality GAMING?!

Also, we got some people who want to come over from dustloop (besides Spiritsnare) who posted on the dustloop thread for droms. So, it’s looking to be a decent turnout.

Bumping because this is going to be the last day anyway.

I’ll have a store copy on hand and I’ll bring a personal setup as well. Three sticks will be on hand, but when in doubt, bring your own! See you all there!

damn I have work tonight or i would be there guys :slight_smile:

lets get on some BB though on xbl sometime though. I need to level up my Ragna hella bad lol.


Might stop by, depending on how traffic is between Vacaville and Davis is tonight.

I hope to see you there, Tone!

Was a lot of fun! Wish I could have stayed longer though.

I’ll stop being scared of playing on stream once I learn what I’m doing lol.