7/24 Seattle Pre-Evo Results: TOSRRHFTADSUTB

The “Oh Shit Rob Runs His First Tourney And Doesn’t Screw Up That Badly…Kinda” tourney.

Because I had to leave early, I actually don’t know who won 3S and CvS2, so as soon as I get that info, I’ll update this post.

MvC2 (12 people)
1st Kuaneasy
2nd Trinh "DirtyShin"
4th Thong
5th Trace "ICD3"
5th Evan "Rairu"
7th Jesse "Jalbert"
7th Jesse H
9th Chris "Red Bull"
9th Jeff "Switchup"
9th Peachy
9th Ryan Loop

CvS2 (13 people)
1st, 2nd, 3rd LTB, Tao, JJJ in some particular order
4th Da KOOST
5th Chris "Red Bull"
5th Peachy
7th Ron
7th Gene "Kusanagi"
9th Mickey D
9th Andrew M
9th Mike "MikeStrider"
9th Eugene Cheng
11th Jesse “Jalbert”

3rd Strike (10 people)
1st, 2nd LTB, Tao
3rd Josh Ray
4th Trinh "DirtyShin"
5th Ondrej
5th Koost
7th Ron
7th Mike "MikeStrider"
9th Rob "Zig21"
9th Jesse “Jalbert”

Super Turbo round robin (6 people)
1st LTB
2nd Jay "JJJ"
3rd Josh Ray
4th Andrew
5th Ron
6th Jesse “Jalbert”

Note: Didn’t Vataire enter ST too?:confused:

GGXX (10 people)
1st Veteru (Dizzy, Anji)
2nd Eugene (Baiken, Chipp)
3rd Rob “Zig21” (Pot)
4th Gene “Kusanagi” (Johnny)
5th Peachy (Dizzy)
5th Trace “ICD3” (Testament)
7th Koost (Chipp, Sol)
7th Mike Cheung (Dizzy)
9th Rob (Venom)
9th Mike “MikeStrider” (Venom)

Thanks to Peachy, Jalbert, Jeff, LTB, and Vataire for helping me out with running things. Wish the turnout had been better, but ah well, it was fun anyways.