7/17/03 Break Resutls....Justin Wins....!No Way!

Yer sup nukkas…hopefully the whole NYC comes next time…

1st - Justin Wong - MSP…lucky ass bitch…i hate you!!!..j/k good shit man…

2nd - Shawn Morgan (YEERR thats myself) - Storm sent capcom…i almost got perfected by Jwong…but EM disrupter is too good.

3rd - Philong Nyguyen - Scrub…good shit phi too bad u had to leave early

4th - Dave Turner- Random - He snuck up on the losers bracket hard…and took that shit by storm niggs…

5th - Orville - Random - Nigga Beat ed then lost to dave turner…eyyyy?
Phil johnson - row storm sent - holla back…he was holding it down…beastin with mag and sent as usual…

Errr…Matt got 7th…by beating jamal rob and gemini…sure guy…good shit

justin almost perfected me in the 1st round with msp but i was too fucking smart and hit him with an em disrupter while he was landing with storm…damn im soooo good

finals went 3-2…jwong got lucky…i picked hulk on accident the final game and decided to keep it…didnt wanna have to dethrone him ya know…

errr i threw a shitty turney this week…itll be hot next week…everyone better show up on time like this week…come on upstate NYc diego…get down…

I enjoy the commentary, but uh…How was my Strider/Doom random?

team scrub and i refuse to walk forward from now on :smiley:

hehe na orville i put random…for ur teams…cause i didnt know what u picked…

Good shit, better than 33rd:D

Re: Re: 7/17/03 Break Resutls…Justin Wins…!No Way!..

Re: Re: Re: 7/17/03 Break Resutls…Justin Wins…!No Way!..

owned! ROFL :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Damn Florida homos stalkin’ me. Gotta love it. Mixup, I must have gotten under your skin for you to be following me around the forums. Reminds me of last summer. BTW Mixup, I PWN j00.

hmm that’s pretty funny. “stalking” you is the best. I never know what kinda dumb shit is coming out of your mouth next.

I’d really like to play you sometime. We’ll see how well random proton cannons work on me.

How bout some money matches? This way we can get you to quit gloating over your one randomass lucky win.


O.K. Let’s play for money. Come to NJ and play for money.

nah man, good job:o

k i’ll be on the next plane out

Yeah man, you’re hella good.

too gooder:wtf: :wasted:

You guys need to stop with thsi shit damn…

and mixup u better do well in the wc/ec shit because ive been saying ec is better forever and time to show that shit nuqqa

lol k ok

imma do my thing for ec in the 5 on 5.