7-12 Fresno Nickel Arcade MvC2 Official Results

2nd.Jeff Arndt "Jeff1"
3rd.Chris Schmidt
4th.Jonathan Talley "Telly Tel"
5th.Kevin Seeto
Anthony Ortiz "Professor Anton"
7th.Michael Junio "Hoonyo"
Dereck Byrd "Void"
Mike Reyes "Fobi0"
Matt Miller "Warlock"

Congrats to Seumy for beating what Chris and I couldn’t.


Whoa, who is this guy seumy and jeff? any vids? any good shit to top 3 players.

lol kevin you are hilarious. evo this year?

no one told me about this…

lol 2003??? i wish i played back then, but i was into DDR.

man bobby your brother is so good

lol i was there that day, good stuff