7/11/09 nyc pnt ranbat 6 results

yes i’m late. i know i’m sorry it was a hectic weekend


This is the 6th ranbat and the last one before the EVO 2k series. The attendance wasnt as strong as most ranbat but the comp was fairly decent. A lot of the heavy hitters were at other tournies that were going down around the same time, most notably the Chinatown Fair tourney and there was one in CT. The top three for this tourney were

Aulord(see i spelt your name right)
Chemist 4 Hire

Chemist 4 Hire had improved greatly from the last time Ive seen him play. That leaves me to think he undertook secret training techniques from this man.(link)

The Akuma player Andy came out. Hes pretty good so it was great to see Akuma come out and fuck shit up.
Howd I do? I won my first match, then lost to Aulord (Curse you) and then Adnan(with his Sim). I deserved to lose, I took a break from practicing hard to learning Blazblue. I have to find some balance. I have to be at least some what competent when i go out to Japan next month. Evo is going down, I sent scrubdre lamebert or Andre as some like to call him to vegas to play. I think it would be a good chance for him considering all the drama that went down with the CF tourney. Sorry this is a bit slow. Good luck to all who are going to EVO remember what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Yeah, sure fucked me up. He beat me twice and single-handedly took me out of the tourney and I played him like 3-4 more times at CTF and still couldn’t beat him… ruined my day… lol

Mariodood improved about 10x with Bison since I beat him in the 4th Ranbat. I played some matches over XBL with him and he’s no joke. :wow:

Haha, my secret is out.