(604) BC players, marvel/cvs2/third strike tournament thread!

hey guys, i got a call from brian at johnny zee’s and he wants to set up a tournament for at LEAST two of the games stated above

i’m thinking of making it either saturday or sunday

prolly saturday cuz the last tourney, more people were able to come on saturday

marvel players, third strike AND cvs2 players… i suggest you all come

there prolly will be some sorta deal for the games…

like sign up for all three games for $10

i’m just wondering when you guys want to have the tournament

i’m thinking about… may 22nd or may 29 for the BIGGEST TOURNAMENT EVENT EVER HELD IN WESTERN CANADA!!!

lol i’m not gay btw… i’m just dramatic awwwwwww yeah

post a date and tell me WHICH ONE you as in ALL of you, canadians and potentially out of towners who would like to come

yeah me in hk till 23rd
so 29th would be good

speaking of which
i cant find any marvel or cvs2 machines in hk ><

I can attend if it’s on a Sunday. I’m down for 3S and CvS2.


I have hockey games on both the 22nd and the 29th.

Oh yea, my birthday is on the 26th, so theres going to probably be a big party on either of those 2 dates anyways.

which means I won’t be comin.

That also means 1st place in marvel is up for grabs since I had a secret weapon to bust all over tao’s sorry ass.

Good luck everyone.

hey tao, how about sometime around the seond and third week of June? my friend will be back around that time, and he wants to join the tourament.

Who’s up for some CVS2 this week downtown.

saturday or sunday is fine with me. just give me at least 3 weeks notice :lol:.

of course, it’s just 3rdStrike for me.

hey tao, are you 19 or over?
I was thinkin about goin up there to do some drinkin.

lonely driver: hey man, lol errr i kinda forgot who you are… i think it’s cuz you don’t post, wait, is this ron? lol hey man, sure i guess three weeks notice is the best anyways… sunday or saturday?

kyle: dood man, alright would you consider joining if it’s on sunday? like the 30th?

cuz i know LTB really wants to come and he wants it on sunday… i know silverfang and fei leung want saturday…

jjj: i’m pretty sure we’ll have another tournament in june. how long will he be here for? because i doubt people wanna wait a month and a half for a tournament. we’ll have one for him too. does he play third strike/marvel?? or just cvs2?

chrisf: sure man, name the dates you can have us over… lol i dunno if jay wants to have another marvel session… 24-1 is… hahaha

miguel: sure man, it looks like it’ll either be the 29th or 30th
and if there’s no opposition, it’ll prolly BE on the sunday… just so our local hero ltb can come… but if there’s enough opposition to make it a saturday, i gotta take the one who will have the MOST joiners

and ian. lol no man, i’m 18. i turn 19 in august, come up then to chill and drink. i can prolly hook you up with some china vagina when you get here haha if you’re into that kinda shit
personally, white chicks are bomb

Tomorrow (Tues), or Thursday.

OK no Marvel this time, just CVS2 then ST when we’re bored.

If you can do it on Sunday then cool, if not then no sweat.


awww dude u gotta make it so kyle can come too
Team OT’s gotta come to dis tourney (Team overthrow Tao) :smiley:
hella gotta practice for this shiet and pull a demon hyo on yo ass:cool:

tao: my friend only plays cvs2 now, and I prefer the tourament on saturday since I have to work on monday (pretty sure it will run until 1am again)

chris: I will be there if someone else is coming on either tomorrow or thursday. BTW, you didn’t dump my memory card, right?:smiley:


if there’s the 10 bucks for three games i’m in for all three!!! though i’ll probably get owned in cvs2 and third strike :smiley:

as for the preffered date, i’d preffer the 22nd. it’s my sister’s birthday on the 29th so i won’t be able to go then.

yeah… like i said, it’ll either be on the 29th or 30th

so far, jay has been the only guy to want it on saturday

where the hell are fei leung and silverfang???

non the less, jay, the tourney lasted so damn long last time cuz we started at 3:30

this time, let’s start earlier like around 12 or 1

that way, we will finish for SURE by the time required

i am also leaning for sunday

since i work out and either watch movies or something on saturday

where ARE silverfang and fei leung? i don’t think they’ve even been to one of our tournaments though cuz it’s always on a sunday

hey CHRIS F: i am interested for games tonight (tuesday)
hopefully jay will read this and give me a call tonight to hit up your house

My system’s in Coquitlam at Peter’s place. We can’t play unless Peter comes over and brings it back or Jay brings his DC, wires and sticks.

I’ll be online today but I don’t have a new phoen # yet so call my cell 928-6436 if you want to reach me.

hey chris and tao, how about you guys all come to my new place to play? it’s really close from a skytrain station, and I can just wait for you guys at say broadway or metrotown station.

I’m lazy today but I’ll go to your place. What Skytrain is it near?

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jay, i dunno if i can come on wednesday cuz… yeah… but thursday is a DEFINITE yes for me
so post the details!!!

and update on the tourney: brian the manager wouldn’t mind also if the tourney was held on like 3 days for like… different games… like marvel one day etc etc

so post what you like!!!

it’s 15 min away from joyce and 5 min away from rupert station, and you just take 27 (the one to kootenay loop) at either station; then call me and I will tell you where to get off, or I can just wait for you at the skytrain station if you want.

lol tao, does that mean you can’t have sex for a while??:lol: