60 FPS Video and Fighting Games

So I’ve been searching for a free 60 FPS video hosting site for months to no avail, but randomly stumbled upon this today: CreatorsCast. Highly impressed with the quality so far, and while it doesn’t do 1080p, that’s a tradeoff I’d gladly make for the extra smoothness. I could see a lot of benefits to 60 FPS videos for fighting games in particular. Think of tutorials and demonstration videos that actually move with the same fludity the game does. Not having lag is also a plus relative to streaming options.

I put together something quick with the indie fighter [I’ve been working on](Air Dash Online - Competitive Platform Fighter - Kickstarter is Live! Wanting to show it in full framerate was part of the motivation for finding a site like this.
Here’s the example:

Air Dash Online - Early Build Playtesting

If you would like to support the site, they are running an Indiegogo campaign to help pay for server costs as they grow (I kicked them $10).

So… WHENS MARVHEL??? at 60 FPS? Wouldn’t mind seeing some Skullgirls and Divekick too.

Cool site, thanks for sharing.

Looks like our streaming partner, Clash Tournaments jumped on it first.

Check out how smooth SSBB looks

Apparently with the Smash community now using the site, the upload servers are already being pushed to the limits. All the more reason to donate.

I saw people playing this game at evo. It looked interesting.

Wrong thread.

Very nice, I prefer smooth 60 fps vids over the higher quality 30 fps ones.

edit: uploaded a 60 fps test video, the upload speed was solid: http://www.creatorscast.com/video/3780dded07

Was your video in widescreen already, or does their site automatically stretch out videos that are in 4:3 aspect ratio?

It was in widescreen already

So I was just gonna upload this to CreatorsCast but it then turned into a comparison deal.


Both videos as well as screenshots from both videos in fullscreen. The video is in 720p and fullscreen is 1080, so it shows the upscaling for the videos. I could have recorded in 1080, but I thought this would be better.

My overall impression of CreatorsCast:

Less saturated than Youtube, looks a little washed out, less vibrant and colorful.
Sharper than Youtube, it preserves the pixels in the video where Youtube blurs things and loses detail.
Fucking 60 FPS.

Well that was short lived. Does anyone know of another 60fps video site?

Wahahowww, you weren’t kidding! Almost surprising in this decade to see such a full-featured site straight-up disappear.

Aww man. I was excited to use the site.

So some guy found a way to use the HTML5 Youtube player to get a sort of workaround 60 FPS video on youtube. It’s been going around and I figured I’d just post some results. First, the video that I first saw this in.


A fun MvC3 combo video. Now, I don’t play Marvel so I can’t tell the fucking difference, so I uploaded a test after seeing this video.

30 FPS

60 FPS

The difference is pretty staggering when you compare the moment Kim super jumps and he gets the shadow clone effect on him. Unfortunately, this comes at a price. The smooth video looks pretty great, but because of the nature of how you make these videos, the audio takes a pretty big hit. You slow the entire video down 50% which creates this warbling sound with the audio. It then makes this audio the original, so even though you’re playing the video in full speed there are still traces of the warbling you hear and makes the audio worse.

It’s still an interesting development and it’s hosted on a site that probably isn’t going down any time soon.

There’s not a solution which is as convenient as YouTube etc, but there are a few ways to display 60fps video- the streaming sites (ustream, Justin.tv, Twitch, and I assume others) allow streaming at 60fps, and the archived videos are also 60fps.


(random old videos; sorry for low bitrate)

There’s also just hosting/links; there’s a clickfarming blog site (video, page) that allows video hosting, and you can upload stuff at 60fps, but I’m hot sure how many views you can get away with before they smell something fishy.