6-7-09 Street Fighter IV Play N Trade Danbury

Sorry for the big gap in time, but we’re back and better than ever.

We had some of the best in the state back in Feb. at our HDR tourney and I’m hoping to see some more this time.

Date: 06/07/09

Play N Trade Danbury
1 Padanaram Rd. (in the North Street Shopping Center)
Danbury CT 06811

Game: Street Fighter IV
System: Xbox 360

Play N Trade Danbury: Street Fighter IV Rules

Street Fighter IV 1v1 (Xbox 360)
Double Elimination

Game Mode: Versus

Fight: Best of 3 rounds

Match: Best of 3 fights

Rounds set to: 5

Round Time: 99 seconds

Stage: Random

Handicap: Off

Character Selection: Gouken and Seth may not be used for competition; all other characters may be used
Tournament Style:

  • Personal equipment such as arcade sticks are allowed
  • Any controller supporting macros or auto repeat are NOT allowed
  • Any use of game exploits, cheats, or any other play deemed unfair by a staff member will result in disciplinary action up to and including disqualification from the tournament
  • In the event of a double KO, the round will count towards the overall match total unless the double KO occurs when both players have 4 rounds won; in this event, the match will be replayed starting from 0-0 with both players using the same characters

Forfeits, Disputes, and Support:

  • Any game issue that cannot be resolved by the players in the match must be brought to the attention of an admin immediately
  • If any other problem occurs a rematch will occur
  • Once the match starts, players will not be able to dispute a match on the grounds of match settings, BOTH players are responsible for ensuring match settings are correct

Play N Trade Danbury reserves the right to modify the rules as needed. This includes changes due to software updates or releases and all other changes deemed necessary to run a successful tournament. Players are responsible to check the rules on a regular basis.

-This is a BYOC (we will have standard 360 pads and I think 1 or 2 sticks available)

Price: $5 Venue Fee ($10 at door)
$5 buy in (out into pot)

Prize: 70/20/10 split of pot
Paid in CASH!

Pre-reg is whenever you want to contact me.
-same deal as last time. You email me, you get the pre-reg price and you can pay at the door.

my email is : kybel91@gmail.com if you have any questions

What time does this start?

Also, is it on 6/6, or is it on 6/7? The title says one day, the post says another.

Time will probably be around like 3 or 4 pm

and it’s on the 7th

I live about an hour away in Yonkers, but I might make the trip for this! I went to a White Plains Play N Trade SFIV tourney and I came in 3rd. :slight_smile:

ill be there fo sho

just to make it clear. This tournament is happening on June 7th. It is a sunday.

Foxy! Im in, please pre reg me thanks!

Cant wait for the buffett!

kyle i think im pre registerd as well rambo should have put me in if he didnt than this is my prereg email

Alright I got both you guys down.

Shady, any idea who’s gonna work that sunday?! Todd said he was trying to show up to this too.


here’s a flyer if you’re interested.

not to be a downer but why are there set amounts for the prizes when theres a 10 dollar entry fee

if 30 ppl show up thats about 200 bux to the 1st place winner

is the venue fee part of the 10 dollar entry?? if so why not separate them?

doesnt make any sense to combine it thats just confusing

im not accusing anyone of being dishonest or anything but that is kinda wack

Nah I agree with you 100% Min.

It is a $5 venue fee, I’ll fix that and clear it up

As far as prizes go, I really don’t have a say in what the prizes are. I’ll keep talking to the owner, I really hate the set prizes thing myself.


I love being a quick talker.

Check out the update

bump for hype

I’m interested in going, from Fairfield.

Foof what’s your first name so I can throw you on the pre-reg list.

kyle is cool


Sounds tiiight. I’m a Westchester resident so I’m more than down for this. Pre-reg atm0 please.

Going back to the place where I had my first tourney? I’m down!

20 people so far guys. Keep em coming!