6/21 MvC2/CvS2 SBDO, CA Gladys Results

MvC2 (10 entrants)

  1. Tony “Trance Man” Romero - Storm/Sent/Commando, Magneto/Sent/Cable
  2. Bill “Deus” Wellman - Magneto/Storm/Sentinel
  3. Carlos “S3ntin3l/CarTRON” Alvizo - Sentinel/Cable/Tron, Spiral/Cable/Sentinel

Winners semis - Tony beats Bill 3-2 (I think?)
Losers semis - Bill beats Carlos 3-1
Grand finals - Tony beats Bill 4-2

CvS2 (13 entrants)

  1. Francis “S Clubber” - C-Groove Cammy/Sagat/Chun-Li
  2. Albert “PiGaDoUkEn” Nguyen - P-Groove Sakura/Bison/Sagat
  3. Carlos “S3ntin3l/CarTRON” Alvizo - A-Groove Sakura/Akuma/Rolento/Chun-Li

I don’t know data on the finals for CvS2. Can anyone give me info?

GG to all.

good shit francis.

Good games to everyone and thanks to S3nTiN3L for running the tourneys.