6/19 Seattle results: GG Isuka Madness! (+ CvS2, 3S, MvC2)

Held at Bellevue Kicks (aka LanWerx)…

These are quick results… I may flesh them out later if I have time and if anybody really cares.

==GG Isuka results== 8 Teams
1- Peachy/King
2- Ian/Row
3- Trace/Kyle
4- Gene/Mike

–> I could not tell you what the fuck was going on at any point during any game. I taped that shit (LF, WF, & GF) just because I thought it was ridiculous.

==3S results== 20 people

  1. LifeTimeBoy
  2. ATM_SpiderTao
  3. King
  4. SamY
  5. Mo
  6. Ondrej

==CvS2 results== 20 people

  1. LifeTimeBoyeeee!
  2. Jay
  3. ATM_SpiderTaco
  4. SamY
  5. King
  6. Ian

==MvC2 results== 27 people

Now before you even think about these results, realize that Kuan got DQd from winner’s 2nd round, JMar and Row played first round because JMar was going to leave early, Ian and JMar were literally just about to be DQd when they showed up (I was gathering breath for a good JetPhi-style “Disqualified!” when I saw Ian), and JMar eventually left after winning out WF (thus being guaranteed 2nd, and taking that money). So the brackets were about the most fucked up they’ve been ever since I’ve been running this shit.

  1. Row (lost to JMar)
  2. JMar (double DQ)
  3. SamB (lost to Row)
  4. Rattana (lost to Row, JMar)
  5. Trinh (lost to Rattana twice)
  6. Maverick0101 (lost to SamB, Row)
  7. Kuan (DQ, loss to Row)
  8. Kyle (lost to Ian, Trinh)
  9. ATM_SpiderTao (lost to Rattana, Kuan)
  10. Ian (lost to JMar, Row)
  11. Minh (lost to Mav, Kyle)
  12. Evan (lost to SamB, Trinh)

Thanks to Ondrej, Sam, Cory, Peachy, Loki, and Ric for helping run things.

Ondrej pointed out that running GG Isuka tournaments sucks because you have to have four people on hand for every game. Thus that 8 team/16 person tournament ended up taking ~5 hours.

Thanks to the various regions (including Canada) who showed up. I hope everybody had a fun time. :slight_smile:

** Sorry I couldn’t make it.**

Whoa :eek:
Good job Tao for getting 2nd in 3S and 3rd in CvS2 guess u been practicin’ man. And props to jay for 2nd in cvs2. We’ll catch up in marvel on day haha.:cool:
U guyz are gonna do well in edmonton man! Best in western Canada yeah!


lol fun tourney. man i shouldnt have played Jmar in WF so he wouldve left.

kuan coming back 2 hrs late was some fun shit

lol damn… that rat’s a fucking monster… beasting trihn and then me… kuan that mofo eliminated me too haha… good marvel shit guys!!!

me/trace/rat won the team tourney awwwww yeah

third strike was gay hahaha, excuses aside, john michaels is a beast, hella patient and keeps trying no matter what. props to that shit man, i’ll make sure to give you all i got next time. i definitely gotta work on my reaction timing. king, for a guy who never plays third strike you’re too fucking strong. beating sam who’s best game is third strike for the loser finals… lol too bad he beat you in cvs2… maybe you guys should switch games haha elena’s hella tricky… even ltb fell for the shit i did (first time though) hahaha. sam: hahaha in your face!!! beat you in all games!! haha syke, your curly hair and confused expressions are bomb!!

cvs2 was fucking HILARIOUS… upset after upset… and somehow… i fucking came in third… :confused:

stupid jay… why are you such a stupid beast? too bad you can’t come to edmonton man… i’d REALLY hate to not see you beat them edmontonians… i guesss i’ll have to do that shit myself!

anyways, superturbo… chris F is my fucking HERO!!!
that guy taught me how to play every game i play right now. damn… that’s a killer right there!!!

anyways, a lot of funny shit happened… the canadian combo’s are fucking killer… getting billy with the “there’s something on your face” trick was killer… the black haired chick with blue eyes was fucking killer… marvel was killer, cvs2 was killer, and third strike finals didn’t seem long at all (for a change) and that was killer hahaha

thanks to preppy for doing the brackets
thanks to loki for letting us chill at his house afterwards
thanks to koost for letting us ride down there in his 227 HP suzuki
thanks to zigmover for driving us to jack in the box
thanks to samB for his $2

to everyone i’ve met, that shit was hella fun. alaska guy who owned a gas station lol dood i was fucking hella tired, i forgot your name hahaha you were like half japanese/korean/asian with half caucasian ancestry… i remember that part. the guy who spoke of nanto shinken, lol dood i’m fist of the NORTH star.

random portland/seattle players for all the games, see you all next time!!!

PS: it’s fucking gay not having your name 1st… lol

wtf !! TAO placed higher in 3s & cvs2 than mvc2 !!! :eek: :eek: are u trying to be the Canadian beast or what !! I thought u were busy looking for hot chicks … I see how it is now :lol: :lol: j/k

good stuff !!

Yeah but that is what happens when losers is only one round. ot to mention King and John were in the same brackets, seeding should have been different, even though John hasn’t been to recent tournaments he should have still been seeded. Oh well though shit happens, good games all.

Mr. Bear has been practicing, he is becoming beastly! SamB and Tao are beastly as well!

I think Isuka was hella tight, and once there are more established teams it will get even crazier. (I think it is coming to console soon as well)

Yeah, neither LTB nor JMar were present at the last tourney, so I had to jam them in the brackets a little. I let the very-late-arriving JMar (and an even-later Rattana) just pick where he wanted to go, which I don’t think I’ll do again. LTB also showed up really late, I think after the brackets were drawn and we were ready to go, so he got jammed in, and that was not good. Sorry - whoever’s running the brackets or otherwise paying attention can always pipe up, and we’ll adjust the brackets to make more sense if I screw things up. I’m a firm believer in interventionist bracketeering to make sure best friends and people from the same regions don’t play each other if possible…
We need another CvS2 machine on tournament days. :slight_smile:

If Isuka gets crazier, you could just play that instead of getting druggy, and the net effects on your head would be about the same, I think. Man, I need to encode those goofy matches. :slight_smile:

CvS2 was hella fun! I might start practicing that game again. I got too excited after I beat Peachy and King so I choked SamB style when I fought Jay. Good job on placing 2nd, Jay. Next time you will should beat LTB!

First of all, I want to point out that it is hella ass funny that Zach has been swearing more and more in his posts since he first started out, now it’s almost like reading a Maverick post with spelling and grammar, SAILOR THAT SHIT DOWN!!!:lol:

Also good shit to LTB, Tao, and Maverick.

EDIT: And good shit to SamB, missed that first time around…

GG’s to sam, ross, peachy, ltb, tao, ian, king, gene(kusanagi?), billy, loki, chrisf, koost, simon and whoever I played in ST and cvs2. we played a lot more in casual this time, which was fun. and sam, wake up RC is too good; I wanna try the RC chunli combo now…lol and ian didn’t think I am from vancouver…lol

anyways, come down to vancouver sometime and we can play a team tourney in cvs2 and ST (vancouver vs portland or seattle). finally GJ to all the bc members!

Yeah, considering I had to wait over 3 hours because of everyone being late, gone, irresponsible, etc., have my opponent change three times just to face Kuan and considering I was seeded for once, I still have to get my ass beat (which I don’t mind) by him in only the second round.

That and I missed twelve AHVB on the big machine, get longer sticks for that machine! >.<

Yeah, the fact that we finished in ~5 hours(?) was kind of amazing considering how many people just wandered the hell off. Thanks to those who stuck around and actually let me run matches. But we’ve got two machines, so we can finish the tourneys much quicker if people can just stick around for a bit.
I really hate disqualifying people. I think next tourney I’ll run straight through the brackets and give 5 minute DQ warnings if they’re not there. Having to cherry-pick what matches I could run sucked, and also had us only running on one machine half the time because half the bracket was locked waiting on people who weren’t there.
I really really really really really hate to disqualify people, since people pay for this. But at the same time…
Well, thanks for being cool about it. You were originally scheduled to play Kuan, but I felt hellaciously bad about that situation for you, so didn’t know WTF to do - plus putting Kuan on the same side as Row in Loser’s Brackets seemed really really wrong, which is why I bumped him to the other side initially, and then moved him back when I figured he was totally gone and you had a bye (which was yours by right)… and then he showed up again, and … bah! I’m sure there was a good reason for it, but yeah: I think I need to be harder assed about running the brackets. We could probably have been done an hour or two sooner if people would have stuck around or if I’d just DQ’d more people.

You should try playing up in BC - they have ball bearings for joysticks. :slight_smile: / Can you get taller joysticks? I thought it was a factor of board depth/mounting. I’d be up to arrange the taller joysticks if we can do that.


[GG Isuka Winner’s Finals Game 2: Peachy-King vs Kyle-Trace](http://www.zachd.com/mvc2/1a 6-19-04 GGIsuka WF 2of3 PeachyKing (W) vs KyleTrace.wmv).

[Right-click Save As to a WMV file if you have problems with that URL.]

Yeah, I can get you optic sticks that are about the size of what’s in A3. I doubt there would be any problems putting them in there. Next time Dave and I can take a look and see.

That would be tight!

The cab right now isn’t too bad if you sit down…

its such a nice cabinet… if we get some great sticks in there we have a winner

Shut Up!!!:mad:

shut up

Meh, turns out that the longest ones are the size that is in there, the only solution is what you said, Zach, the panel needs to be thinner and that is all up to you.