6/18 FFA 3s Ranking Battle Video

Here it is…the entire tournament…158 mb…about 1 hour and 3 minutes long

Commentary done by Rockefeller and special guests, Evil Elvis, 5 Star and Morrigan

6/18/2005 FFA 3s Ranking Battle 1

N-Joy! :tup:

downloading now won’t see it till i come home from work :frowning:

Link doesn’t work for me. :sad:

Thanks a lot for getting the vid, but the link is down.

Working fine for me. Kind of slow though, around 90kbps, but it’s better than nothing. Thanks :tup:
Looking forward to it.

Refresh the link if it seems down. That’s what I did.

The vid is awesome. Lots of action and good stuff. BTW, when’s the next tourney gonna be at FFA? I wanna go to spectate and possibly see what more I can do to improve my game.

link is not down. try to use another browser program or a 3rd party program, such as flash get etc. try smart ftp

Good vids guys, were was the Necro though, you should get Mutant XP over there I want to see him play. Thanks Shogo!

Wow, pyrolee is really good. Very impressive. :tup:

Congr. to 5 star for wining the first Ranking Battel, and thx to Shogo for sharing the tournament footage, waiting for the next one.

the same for me!!! :sad:

Vid was good. Looks like even the “scrubs” at FFA, or not the well known ones anyway could be competitive mostly anywhere else in the US.

i tried it with IE and Netscape and it keeps telling me it’s down.

“Fierce hits both ways. Like like a bisexual prostitute.”

Rockafeller’s commentating is far too good. :tup:

The commentary was top tier, fricking hilarious. Dunno how he can crack such good jokes spontaneously. Just awesome :slight_smile:

Elvis’ commentary was pretty funny too :smiley:

Truth’d. That line’s gonna stick with me, too.

i’m also having problemas dling the video …

I think some IP branches are banned from the server :sad:. Someone should mirror/torrent all the FFA releases

The link…working it isn’t.

Go to CV.com for a host.

You fools should use an FTP program to d/l. Not internet explorer.