6/12/2010 The Summer Sizzler SSFIV Tournament @ Strange Matter! Richmond, VA!

RSVP on facebook!

Date: Saturday 6/12/2010 at 12pm, Registration starts at 11 BE ON TIME

(North Carolina guys were on time to the last tourney, and they live 3 hours away… just saying)

Double elim 2 of 3. WF/LF/GF are 3 of 5.

Hosted by VCU Fight Club!

Where: located at
Strange Matter
929 W Grace St
Richmond VA

For pics, menu, games list, check out:

Strange Matter is a Restaurant/Bar/Old school arcade!

If you get what I’m saying. Be kind to the hosts.

Coin Op Games List
Altered Beast, Bad Dudes, Battle Shark, Golden Axe, Lethal Enforcers, Mario Bros., Mortal Kombat , Ninja Gaiden, Smash TV, Space Invaders, Street Fighter II:Hyper Fighting, WWF Superstars

New arcade games arrived this month :
Capcom vs SNK 2
Marvel vs Capcom 2 (courtesy Strogg!)
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
Alien Vs Predator

There is a 5$ venue fee for this tourney, but it will be exclusively used on new cabinets/ sticks. The restaurant profits by the food/drinks/beer you buy.

TIP YOUR DAMN WAITSTAFF! At least 15%, PREFERABLY 20%. You’re taking up table space, and you probably don’t smell good. Make it worth their time.

There will be SWEET DOOR PRIZES awarded at the end of tournament.

Tournament Games!
SSF4 (Xbox/PS3) 10$
HDR (5$)

Also tournaments will be run on the arcade games we have there. 5$
Hyper Fighting

all of these tournaments will be 5$ and single elimination.

I will be there

I will be at this one finally got some time off work

I’m in there and guarantee a victory. Renegade add teams and I will be taking money matches.

gonna make attempts to go to this

I missed the last one ill try and find a ride to get there

You know, I would like to sneak some teams action into this.


Teams would be HYPE!
Robin just so you know in the info below the title the date says May 1st but should be June 12

Teams would be sweet. 2vs2 would be better because 3vs3 might be too short of a tourney.

doesn’t matter I would love both.!!! Get to see more characters.

Imma be there too…teams would be dope as shit…but please everyone…don’t put deodorant on blast!!! It is your friend…i’m thinking on Friday this week and on Wednesday next week I’m gonna host some games for whoever wants to come out food and drink shall be provided!!

Major bump since I got back from Italy. Dang I hate how everything falls off the front page now.

Who’s coming? Post up!

I am totally in for this shit.

I’m not as astronomically free as I was last time.

I hope Pat Free Pelt comes down so I can own him for free :slight_smile:

Is the tournament gonna be on 360 or PS3?

most of the setups will be Xbox. There’s only like two PS3’s around. We’ll use both and accommodate people as much as we can, but the default is the Xbox.

I might try and make it to this. I will have to find a way to con the wife you know.

will there be a special DIYGYN class that day please?

They did say sweet door prizes. I’m in for this event.

cant make it (party with friends) on saturday.

Best of luck for a good outcome for this tourney