6/1/03: Family Fun Arcade (socal) Biweeklys (CVS2+MVC2+T4)

1st SooMighty
2nd M.A.G.
3rd ise
4th jay snyder

1st SiN
2nd PSX2000
3rd jay snyder
4th Nakano K

Tekken 4:
1st Mayo
2nd Token
3rd Dennis
4th jay snyder

Results will be APEX’ed tomorrow asap.


Good Games to everyone today at the family fun tourney. Lots of fun. Congrats to Soo for taking another family fun tourney.

MAG: Good games before the tourny man. If you are wondering who this is, i was the ironman player in the morning. Good games, and good job in the tournament!

will full results be posted?

Props to Sin, GG.

Family Fun = kick ass. I had hella fun there and will atempt to make it out to future tournaments.

SOO Mighty: Thanks for owning me in MVC2 . I dont play it but it was hella fun getting rocked.

Everyone else i talked to , thanks for being hella cool.

  1. Soo
  2. MAG
  3. ise
  4. Jay
  5. Amir/Taiji

Hmmmm… I wonder why you decided to stop at my name…

Hmmmm… Because I didn’t know anyone below you…

You need to relax dawg. I have no negative intensions towards you. What you are basically doing is twisting logic and pinning an assumption on me.

How many people usually enter the ffa mvc2 tournies?

What’s Jay doing up here? And what’s psx2000 doing up here?!

I believe that there were 16 people who entered the tournament.

Ah, fuck it.

  1. SiN

Wouldin’t it be 7th? Or was is Round Robbin? :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

I moved up here about 2 weeks ago. And went to FF cause i was dieing for CVS2 competition.

dude…anyone got cvs2 full results??

Viscant got 4th in T4???

GO deathfist