{504 Louisiana Feb. 22} Street Fighter IV Tournament at PlayNTrade

Street Fighter IV Tournament
February 22, 2009 at 5:00 pm
At PlayNTrade on Manhattan

1950 Manhattan Blvd Suite 102
Louisiana, 70058
Across from Fountain Park

Bump up for the locals

Big Event for the release of Street Fighter 4

Come check us out

Call 504.302.1632 for more information.

Make sure you come sign up before all the slots get filled up!

Play N Trade Harvey, La
1950 Manhattan Blvd. Suite 102
Harvey, La 70058

bump it up for the locals…almost time

Tournament will be held on xbox 360 with joysticks.

can we bring our own sticks

bring what you like, xbox 360 will be the system its on