5 Beautiful memories

Beautiful memory, wait for her to stop talking, hk Low missile, beautiful memory, repeat. Its hard to time the missile after beautiful memory but it can be done.


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uh, what in the world r u talking about ?

Beautiful Memory is her super (hcf+kk). =)


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Sorry about the wierd info Im new here and I dont Know the lingo. What I meant was (hcf+kk,wait for her to finish Hold b-f+hk
repeat. Its a semi-infinite.

sup clay face

waz crackin clayface its your sparing partner (guile,charlie,trone,ironman,cable,psylocke)

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Yea but it is rollable I prefer the unrollable when after they are thrown in the water and are landing on the floor to otg with down HK (hard timing to get it to be unrollable but practice makes perfect :pleased: )then Cruel hunting. Altogether takes about more than half(75%). But it doesn’t work on Storm which is :lame: .

You also can get a beatiful memory after Hyper apple for you but that is rollable. Beautiful Memory is useful when you think that you won’t get a decent amount of damage from a Cool Hunting after an otg which is rollable or not. :xeye:

Beautiful Memory is not a good super to use in Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes.

You cannot execute a Delayed Hyper Combo until after the hyper combo itself is finished, and the victim flies upwards which makes it difficult to connect with the next hyper combo.

Yes you can DHC before the hyper combo is finished. You also can get a Beatiful Memory after Hyper Apple for You if you do a otg with a missile or d.hk in the corner but that is sometimes rollable depending on which character you do it on.

I Like to do lk,mk,f+hk XX (qcb KK) then when he’s falling do her Low missle (B-F HK) XX (qcf KK) then you can keep doing her missle cancel Beautiful memory.

Just her bomb barrage into her Beautiful memory does more then enough damage.:badboy: