5/4 3S ranking battle [SUNDAY]

location: #3srb on EFNET (irc.blessed.net)
time: 9pm edt (GMT - 5)
registration: 8:45pm edt -> 9pm edt — 32 PLAYER CAP.

format: 2 out of 3, double elimination – players must choose their character ahead of time and stick to them throughout the entire tournament
emulator: nfba dtr9
kaillera: feb 11

optional/required: hamachi (https://secure.logmein.com/products/...i/download.asp)
***THOSE WHO CANNOT ACCESS THEIR ROUTER TO PORT FORWARD – you’re REQUIRED to have hamachi in case your opponent is in the same boat)

there will be NO USE of kaillera servers (west wonderland, godweapon, etc) – you MUST have hamachi if you are unable to host/connect to other players. in the event that hamachi does not resolve the issue, i will arbitrarily assign the winner via coinflip.

if you miss registration, i will only squeeze you in IF there are openings (games yet to be played, byes)

brackets will be posted online; read them CAREFULLY. players may proceed to continue playing their next matches so long as their opponent is also done. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE RIGHT OPPONENT.

if you are in winners finals, losers finals, and grand finals – RECORD YOUR MATCHES.

if your connection is SPIKEY (read, jumps or stutters when you play), do everyone a favor and clear it before the tournament, or abstain from joining. if there are complaints, i will personally connect to the accused and find out myself.

seeding will be based off past performances

current standings:

  1. exodus - 132.5
  2. chi-rithy - 112
  3. cruise - 44
  4. nica ko - 33.5
  5. devilzknight211 - 30
  6. zerog - 26
  7. neiman - 20
  8. kamina - 18
  9. ken-i - 18
  10. lord bbh - 17
  11. spectre7 - 16.5
  12. tenren - 16.5
  13. suleman - 15.5
  14. noobiegamer - 15.5
  15. brit-brit - 15
  16. shodokan - 13.5
  17. sensifield - 9.5
  18. bars n hooks - 8
  19. mariodood - 8

EDIT: changed from friday to sunday.

So when does this season end? I’m debating just doing myself a favor and waiting til next season and practice up instead.

i had planned on 8 RBs per season…this one is the 6th.

i don’t agree with skipping out just because you won’t place high in the rankings. the points system was just an arbitrary thing i had to include for kicks. it’s already flawed by attendance alone, so it really should be taken with a grain of salt.

Well it’s something about your ranbats that brings out the very worst in my Q.:wonder: So I think I need an overhaul.

But what the hell, like you said a grain of salt so SA3 Q for the rest of this season and all business next time around.:woot:

Dude… Are you always going to keep Fridays?

Cuz I can’t do Fridays 95% of the time

seconded. saturday is better for me.

Damn can’t make weekdays, work. Next sun/sat ranbat though, I’ll be ready:wink:

Damn you with the fucking fridays

:wonder: I doubt I can make it but I’ll try. If I can’t make it then no biggie, I’ll see you all next time there’s a Sunday ranbat. Good luck to everyone that attends… dood.

even the LION?

BOOO~~~ Friday sucks.


based off of the response so far, this has been moved to sunday, since i’m available then as well. happy ya bastards?

yes:wgrin:, but next time everyone will rape you; so don;t let it happen again.

that is commendable:china:

YAY sunday, im too wrapped up in GTAIV so i wont be getting that practice I need so much.

why be influenced by a few malcontents…last friday had 30 plus participants…as have the events on sunday… but understand LION is versatile.

i be there , muhahaha

bumpity bump. i better a 32 cap again this week!

No Oro love this week… got band practice.

*Works out plan to cheat in ranbat

WHAT?! Look…SOME of us here on srk can’t play 3S too well, so we gotta get in where we fit in alright?! Every match I win I cheat in, there’s no such thing as a “good Q”. I tried the honest way, now it’s time for some hax. :smokin: