(5/25/10) 8 on the Break Weekly #58

Another great tourney from the Break!

1: Arturo (Dhalsim, Rose)
2: Ryder (Abel)
3: Dieminion (Guile, E. Honda)
4: Min
5: HackerMike
5: SmoothViper
7: Elias Whitney
7: Kdz
9: Patt
9: Mike Infinite
9: Quotes
9: Random James
13: Chemist4Hire
13: Wetbucket
13: MobKiller
13: NerdJosh
17: Dynicksty
17: Kazuya
17: K Hunter
17: Dizzy
17: DraxBlood
17: Kooper
17: Bad Fish
17: Noel
25: Meyhem
25: Josh Wigfall
25: JSZombie
25: Sai
25: Master Chibi
25: Rigel
25: Demon Eyes
25: Icege
33: Trinidad GAT
33: Yousaf
33: Tommy Gunn
33: Axel
33: Signel
33: JoeLewis
49: Jaxel

Damn All the killers came down.

Art got that CASH.

Man these just keep getting bigger and bigger. Looking good gents, and congrats to Hacker for 5th place!

that stream quality was GDLK, Mike placing higher than KDZ??? :open_mouth:

Excellent stream yesterday, I enjoyed being a stream monster until I got tired & decided to go to sleep.


wow I wish I went but I had to be up at seven am this morning. Should be there next week

im coming next week too with Arma

my first tourney in like 3 or 4 months :o oh boyy

There were 38 or 39 entrants, but still, great time.

are the matches gonna be put on youtube?


I’m already uploading them as we speak.

Nice to see so many faces this week, 8otb is running out of room.

Min crushed me, it was some good shit :lol: Got to upgrade my shit.

Sp00ky your stream was great looking, nice small setup, shit was perfect. Thanks again for looking up those remote codes.

Nice tie Kooper.

What time did this start? I plan on showing up next week but I can’t do it if the tourney is starting after 9pm.

Spooky Stream is Godlike!

It’s going to take me forever to not be ultra free in this game.

Oh well.


LoL You placed higher than Liston LOLOL =p

erik arroyo is truly this nations best all around puerto rican street fighter

Thank you, there is a story attached to that tie… It tells of a man who struggles but overcomes obstacles of seemingly impossible difficulty. One day we may sit around the campfire and speak of it.

Goddamn troll…

What’s up to my NY-NJ people? It must be 2001 - how is the Break getting 40 people for a weekly??? Good shit.