5/21/2011 River City Rumble Results Richmond VA. MvC3/SSF4/MK9

Marvel Results:

  1. Moose
  2. Ryry
  3. [COLOR=#3b5998]Matthew Jordan
  4. Robin Palm
  5. Zerp
  6. Mark
  7. Drezz
  8. Brandon
  9. Adam
  10. Dan Plotnik

Super SFIV Results:
5)Eric Kim
7)Ryan Robert

MK9 Results
2)Jaguar F. Nguyen
3) Adam Lane
4)Akhi ?
5) Renegade
5)Will 08[/COLOR]

who won cvs2?

I did.

was a fun tourney. Hope for more in the future! great times!

Fun tournament. I hope everyone learns that She-Hulk is a bad bitch

damn, i would won this one too. gs guys.

Definitely had a great time. I’m glad I managed to get top 8 in both games. :smiley:


The vids will be uploaded to my youtube

SSF4 Top 4 is up I’ll be working on the other stuff today

I guess Robin really wants me to play MvC3 lol. That tournament was the 2nd time I was put into an MvC3 tournament without even registering.

Also, getting into CvS2 and 3S some more was fun. K-Morrigan is hella awesome.

Also, shoutouts to the couple of people there who played Melee with me. I knew there was going to be at least somebody around here who played.