5/14 - Iowa Monthly Results


1 murphagator
2 matt
3 figgy
4 evil zangief
5 ngamer
5 keela
7 vamperial
7 bryan
9 zeroxerozero
9 grog
9 xiang
9 klaige
13 skylar
13 kingfan
13 james
13 gary
17 chris
17 mark
17 latino link
17 jacqueline


1 ngamer
2 figgy
3 grog
4 kemps
5 latino link
5 evil zangief
7 bryan
7 vamperial

Thanks to everyone for coming up. Marvel just keeps getting bigger, and I know there were a couple of folks who usually come out that couldn’t make it to this one. (Because of the short notice, I know that’s why we weren’t able to do Tekken this time.) I tried to remember everyone’s s/n for this because some people WHO DON’T EVEN LIVE IN THIS STATE care about such things, but if your name is up there and I don’t have the s/n it’s because I don’t know it, so post up and I’ll update it.

Otherwise, I had a good time, venue was pretty good; we definitely fit right in.

Until next time…

Wish that I could have joined Alex and Murphy for this yesterday but I had to work.

Also, lol at the screen name thing. Maybe if we cater to Syxx enough he can show up and get top 8 next time. If he’s lucky.

9th place = cantankerous old man rank.

Speaking of Wisconsin, we should try to get all the Madison kids down for one of these. You figure, we were missing about 3 or 4 people that usually show up, and maybe another couple that have come out once or twice. That puts us at 25 just for Iowa, so if they were to show up… shit, we’re half way to a major, lol.

Wow, lol.

Will the monthlies continue to be at Battlezone then? Also, I can’t wait for those vids of Marvel! GGs, everyone. Bryan = Bryon = Jubatuba. Matt = Quadcore = Ether Lord.

Other info OoS might “care” about.

top3 in Marvel was something like this:

  1. Spencer/Sent/Haggar
  2. She-Hulk/Task/Wesker
  3. Skrull/Wesker/Sent

top3 in SSF4

  1. Sakura
  2. Honda, Guile
  3. Honda, Blanka

Yeah, I think we’re gonna keep doing it at BZ. Believe it or not, that was about the most packed they get and it was because of an MTG release tourny (which they didn’t tell me about). Despite that, we still had the back room all to our lonesome. Plus, the Saturdays seemed to work well for everyone, and that’s the only place I can really get for Saturdays.

So when are those matches gonna get uploaded?