5/11 Xanbat Results

1 Steve H
2 Offstein
3 Asian Daisy
4 Big Black Dickmaster
5 Rugal B
5 DJ Houshen
7 BChan
9 Tayt
9 Gimr
9 Michael Payne
9 Fourthstar
13 Derrick Payne
13 Bartlett
13 Dave Wright
13 Valerie

why you gotta put Valerie last?


Yeah, and then setting her up with Offstein first round? Y’all nigguhs grimy. :lame:

was this ran with havamento?

looks like it since Unknown isn’t even listed in the results

He didn’t show up, Ren, lol.

GS Steve.

LMAO i didn’t go this time, had some school shit to take care of.


wow…hav even hacked into unknown’s account to play like he wasn’t even there…sad sad day for md sf