5/1 MWC Warmup at Nex Gen XP's East Side Game Shack, Mason OH!

hey guys we’re gonna have a MWC warmup at the gameshack on May first, it’s $5 to play from 12 to 5 so it’s pretty cheap and good experience should come from it. Money matches are encouraged and we can do $1 tourneys through the day if people wish. here is the copy paste from the facebook page if you guys want to mark “attending” there also

Midwest Championships’ Bootcamp at the Shack


Come tweak your sick skills…
Learn some secrets about your upcoming competition…
Adjust your strategy and game plan…
And fine tune some of those outrageous tactical combos…
All in hopes to dominate at MWC the very next week!!!

Venue fee $5 get you in the door from 12 to 5 pm with some of the best in the midwest.

Impromptu side tournaments and money matches are encouraged… win some dough to help get you to MWC.

SSF4, TvC, T6, SF2, BB and you know the others will all be available.
Yes, you can bring your own stuff… we like that.