450 gts + psu issue

can this handle a 450 gts? the problem is i have a freaking gateway so it sucks!

i cannot get a new ANYTHING!!

i am assuming the psu i have is 2 rails of 16 amps? it says that the 450 needs a 400 watt psu with a 12 rail min of 22 amps. do i have enough amps? i have read that having 2 rails of 16 should be added together for total amps. am i wrong?

i see i only have one 4 pin molex coming out from my psu. which means i would have to get a molex splitter?

the 450 is like pci E 16x2 or something and my mobo is only pci E 16 T_T…that i dont really care and it shouldnt matter right?

from the specs required for the card no, your psu doesnt have enough juice. assuming that card has only 1 power connector (either 8-6 pin). you need at least 22 amps on ONE rail. i would not recommend trying to merge 2 rails via adapters or other silliness as it will prolly bork your psu and maybe the vid card itself or the motherboard or any other sensitive components…its happened to be way back in the day…with an 8800 ultra. maybe other people have had success in combining two rails with one connector for vid card usage but then again prolly better top of the line psus with overage protections and high quality components and not stock gateway psus. my experience as a computer tech says thas a big no no…also 400w is lil meager for todays computing products like video cards, multicore cpus and super fast ram…your existing components and your new vid card might put you over the 400w limit causing other problems all together. i suggest you buy a new psu. hope that helps…

oh darn it a;lkdsjf;alksdjfl there is no hope then. i cannot get a new psu