4 player 90's arcade fighting game -- Can't remember title

Alright, I’ve been looking for this off and on for the last few years and for the life of me I can’t dig up enough memories of my childhood to remember what in god’s name this game is called, who made it, or if there was even a block button.

Basically, it was a 4 player fighting game with your usual selection of generic fighters (which doesn’t help). View was like Final Fight, jumping was done via button, and I can’t remember if blocking was done with a button or if there was blocking at all. I’m pretty sure there were 3 buttons total. I remember playing this in the early to mid 90’s between games of Cybersled and Lucky and Wild, but I seriously can’t remember who made it or even any words that were in the title.

This isn’t much to go on, but if anyone could help me out on this I’d sleep happy tonight.

Was one of the fighters a blob of some kind?

The only one I can think of is Pit Fighter, but that’s apparently only 3 player.

Fighter or beatemup? If fighter, was it wrestling based? Most four player fighters were wrestling games.

No blob. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: And it was after Pit Fighter…art style was your normal colorful brawler art style, nothing digitized like MK. Don’t recall any stage interference, either.

Violent Storm?

Fighter, but yeah with the beatemup mechanics. Closest thing I could compare it to would be Slam Masters without the pins, grapples and ropes…like competitive Final Fight or Double Dragon.

Nope. That’s a beat-em-up. This was straight-up fighting. 8 or more character select (I think), 2 or more enter and one leaves type of thing.

I know I’m not giving much to go on here, sorry. ^^:

Sounds like an interesting game though, I’m getting curious.

KLOV.com only lists these as four player fighters:

Arabian Fight Sega 1992
Knuckle Heads Namco 1993
Oriental Legend I.G.S. 1997

I’m betting it’s KNUCKLE HEADS.

I think that may have been Namco’s first ever fighting game, actually.

I remember playing a four player Guilty Gear fighting game before. Just sayin’.

Isuka is pretty much the definition of “black sheep”. Only good thing to come out of it was ABA…

I still remember the horror of fighting three Jams. Those voices combined…

Oh lordy those character names.

FUCK YES. Thank you!

Streets of Rage?

Edit: Nevermind, you got it.

lol, brings back memories

Pit fighter?

Streets of rage was fun, they need to make those games for ps3. Just 2d chars and beat the junkies up!

They should put Claudia in the next Tekken. =)

Claudia Mayo… I just thought of things with the mind in the gutter.