4 open spots for the ride to EVO (SoCal)

I know I might be too known around here, but i’m just offering a service to ppl who’s rides have flaked on them or w/e reason you can’t get to Vegas this weekend.

I have 4 spots open in my truck to go to EVO, So if anyone from SoCal is trying to find a way there I can take you to Vegas and back to SoCal.

I can only offer a ride because I am staying in a hotel room with some buddies.
So housing is totally on you.

I only have 4 spots left so this is basically first come first serve, if you are interested let me kno ASAP and get a hold of me through here or AIM or something.

To let it be open I’ll post my conditions.

-Be at my place @ yorba linda by 12 noon tomorrow (July 16)
-$20 Gas

Vegas is 254 miles from me so thats a 500 mile trip (Not counting driving around in Vegas)

anyways get at me guys

(562) 277-2727

I’m not looking for any flaming btw, i’m just asking around, thanks!

are you comin back mon?

sunday or mon, which ever the majority wants to get back.

im down with coming back monday

hey akagi, theres a good chance i might hitch with you, if thats cool

im not totally sure yet but im looking into it right now

whats your address btw?

PM me, call or get me on aim and we can discuss it

I dont wanna post my addy down yet, lol

theres still room left

lol i thought you were being Jamaican

i got cherry

haha, i thought the exact same thing.