4 EX Slashes?

iono why this happens but every time i do c.mk x EX slashes, i always get out 4, like the 4th hit will be the last slash. but when i do them without comboing from like a c.mk or a st.mp, i get out the 5 EX slashes.

is there a reason why this happens or is it because i’m on MAME and there’s something wrong with yang on there?

lol you are from simi valley? crazy haha

you are probably just cancelling into the slashes too fast from low forward.

you’re just mashing the slashes out. slow it down

I’m always whiffing the last slash after cr. mk xx ex slashes.

Is this some character dependent thing or strict timing? Non ex slashes seem way way easier.

The last slash? First time I’ve heard of this, because all of the slashes should touch the opponent. Are you doing it from really far away?

Playing on console? I’ve had it on there, never on the arcade version…

Playing arcade via GGPO/MAME

Maybe i just don’t understand the execution EX slashes. I am under the impression it can hit 5 times. Non EX is not a problem.

I’m doing :d: :lk: :qcf: xx :lp::mp: , :qcf: :lp::mp: , :qcf: :lp::mp: , :qcf: :lp::mp: , :qcf: :lp::mp:

The last slash the OPP is in the air seemingly juggle-able but it whiffs.

you don’t have to ex each hit btw. just the first, then you can press one punch for each slash after that.

ex slashes has some weird hitstun. if you do the 4th one then wait a bit, the 5th hit goes right through the opponent’s sprite for some reason, as if it has temporary invince. i’m not saying to rush through it since that opens up its own problems (see this and numerous other threads), but don’t hang around too long after the 4th slash. test out different timings to see if you can recreate the problem, then you’ll know what to avoid.


theres no other explanation for missing the 5th slash from a low forward other than that

rom wasnt even responding to that query at all though

missing the 5th slash doesnt have anything to do with doing it too fast. going too fast can make yang skip the 1st and with enough speed, some other slash in the middle (im guessing the 3rd), but not the 5th.

I’ve never heard of the last slash missing. That’s the knock down, very odd.