4/25 3s ranking battle

location: #3srb on EFNET (irc.blessed.net)
time: 9pm edt (GMT - 5)
registration: 8:45pm edt -> 9pm edt — 32 PLAYER CAP.

format: 2 out of 3, double elimination (singles match or 2 out of 3 varies upon # of entries) – players must choose their character ahead of time and stick to them throughout the entire tournament
emulator: nfba dtr9
kaillera: feb 11

optional/required: hamachi (https://secure.logmein.com/products/...i/download.asp)
***THOSE WHO CANNOT ACCESS THEIR ROUTER TO PORT FORWARD – you’re REQUIRED to have hamachi in case your opponent is in the same boat)

there will be NO USE of kaillera servers (west wonderland, godweapon, etc) – you MUST have hamachi if you are unable to host/connect to other players. in the event that hamachi does not resolve the issue, i will arbitrarily assign the winner via coinflip.

if you miss registration, i will only squeeze you in IF there are openings (games yet to be played, byes)

brackets will be posted online; read them CAREFULLY. players may proceed to continue playing their next matches so long as their opponent is also done. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE RIGHT OPPONENT.

if you are in winners finals, losers finals, and grand finals – RECORD YOUR MATCHES.

if your connection is SPIKEY (read, jumps or stutters when you play), do everyone a favor and clear it before the tournament, or abstain from joining. if there are complaints, i will personally connect to the accused and find out myself.

seeding will be based off past performances

current standings:

  1. exodus - 107.5
  2. chi-rithy - 82
  3. cruise - 44
  4. nica ko - 33.5
  5. devilzknight211 - 30
  6. zerog - 0 + 26 = 26
  7. kamina - 18
  8. ken-i - 18
  9. spectre7 - 16.5
  10. tenren - 16.5
  11. brit-brit - 15
  12. shodokan - 13.5
  13. sensifield - 9.5
  14. bars n hooks - 8
  15. mariodood - 8

Damn yo, thats friday :frowning:

This is my birthday. So I win by default (even though online doesnt work for me).

Yay Friday :woot:. Though I got finals all this week and next week. I’ll probably suck in this one too :sad:

I should be there.

:shake: Friday. It’s really iffy that I can make this one but I’ll try to make it. :tup: I’ll be using Twelve this week… dood.



There’s a real life tournament this weekend in florida, I can’t play friday or saturday :frowning:

You’re gonna deprive everyone of, zeroG vs Nataku 3: Nataku’s Revenge !!!

lol well since its fri i guess ill go chun-li…if its on sunday ill be using akuma or something :-p

i feel like trying other characters like they do at gamersvision lol should be fun…im still suprised Daemon got as far as he did using Sean LOL…same with Yeah Dood using hugo…its mad fun

why would you forsake the beastly ranbat for some scrappy ass FL tournament? your heart couldn’t handle taking 2nd place instead of 1st? you must redeem yourself by getting 1st in a tournament that will have 6 players, including you?

LOL nice…come on zerog…dont take the easy way by going to an offline FL tournament…PEER PRESSURE!!!

That’s right. Think about it. If you don’t come I might get 8th instead of 9th. Can you live with that?

I have to go, i’m poor, so I need the money from winning the tournament so I can pay for this new expensive cable internet i got. That way I can play better online against all of you

thats what a job is for…DUuh

mariodood might just get top 8 if you dont come :rofl:

pfft! a job? please, that’s for people with aspirations in their life

I’m saving up all my tournament winnings to buy a race boat so I can make money by illegally bringing cuban refugees to the US

Ask exo, he makes his money from illegal underground mahjong betting

no peddling pho too undiscriminating diners…

Humbag loves. Humbag NEEDS!!! Happy Cat blows the FUCKING DOORS off the joint!

Sorry, listening to Pharaoh Man’s music from Mega Man 4 and a wave of crunk washed over me and I had to “act an ass”, as they say…carry on guyz.

*slips back into dark alley

yo exo just a heads up you should tell us before when you announce the brackets whats the format…i still see ppl askin about the format and stuff so…

considering that the OP has all the rules laid out…yea.

woot finally, i’m able to make it to this one hehe.