4/25/09 Play N Trade SF4 Ranbat

sorry about the late post a lot of things came up


write up is there + videos are there.

here is some copy pasta from the link.

'So now that weve gotten about two of these under our belts. Things are going to run much easier. WCG was the same day so we kind of had to push things back as far as we can. Still a decent turn out, the usuals came out and there was a lot of good comp to be had. Sorry on the delay there was some 50 stuff going down this week. I didnt get a chance to use all the video taken because honestly it wasnt filmed really well. If you want i could upload em later.

Andre placed top 3 so hes off to East coast throwdown with a seed.

The current stats look as following

  1. Andre - 243.9 CLP
  2. Rahsaan -120 CLP
  3. NerdJosh - 107.5 CLP
  4. Arturo - 85 CLP
  5. Mariodood - 30.1 CLP
  6. javitz - 11.9 CLP
    everyone else has 1-2 points

meaning yours truly has a whopping 2 points. Yessssss’

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