4/25/04 - AT Weekly Results

it was canceled, due to technical difficulties…sorry Toan! At least you gave me my stick!:smiley:

3s: "tragic’s debut/TOO MANY KENS!"
format: 2/3 winners’, 1-game losers’; double-elimination
11 participants

  1. Tony Huynh “ddr_gakusei” - Ken - SA3; Elena - SA2
  2. JW McNay “TeamDan” - Chun Li - SA2
  3. Thai Nguyen “KINGDOM” - Ken - SA3; Remy - SA1; Ibuki - SA1
  4. Jermaine Linguist “The Chief” - Ken - SA3
    5t. Chang-Wan Ahn “laugh” - Ken - SA3
    5t. Ben Cureton “tragic” - Ken - SA3; Necro - SA3
    7t. James Parker - Elena - SA1
    7t. Phong Nguyen - “Dreaded Fist” - Yun - SA3; Ken - SA3
    x. Roger Tesheira - Alex - SA1; Hugo - SA1
    x. Emmanuel Juarez - Ken - SA3
    x. Jamar Jones - Ryu - SA2


THUMBS UP - To tragic, to FINALLY showing his face around! gg’s, btw.:wink:

THUMBS DOWN - to the MvC2 cab; fucking up when my boi Toan shows up…bummer…:bluu:

THUMBS UP - to tony huynh, giving us some intense 3s; he sent JW to losers’ 2-1, and then finished him off in 1 set in the grand finals 2-0. that’s my boi!:smiley:

THUMBS UP - to cvs2; I actually like parrying shit in that game! Screw RC’ing!:stuck_out_tongue:

THUMBS DOWN to the DFW players as a whole, including moi…THERE WERE 7 KEN’S, out of 11 players!!!:o

anyways, not much to say, but laters everyone.