4/23 VGBootCamp Presents: X Games, Laurel, MD


  1. Unknown
  2. Zeitkuppler
  3. Jeff Wynn
  4. DJ Huoshen
  5. MVA
  6. Meep
  7. GimR
  8. MasterCrash
  9. Craig
  10. Bmore

Bracket Image:

If you’re wondering why Steve H. is in the bracket it’s because he had 3 people call us and tell us he was on his way but he never showed and we didn’t get any word that he wasn’t going to show. It messed with the seeding and delayed the tournament

PS: please post the characters you used so I can update the thread in a couple days.

This was fun. GIMR you’ve gotten A LOT better since last time. Keep it up bro! :smiley:

I ran Wesker/Taskmaster/Phoenix.