4/22/05 MvC2 & T5 - Philly Paddle Weeklies Results


1st. Bryheem Keyes- (Scrub, Row)

2nd. Brandon De Shields ( I had to forfeit because I had to go home) (Storm, Sent, Cyc, Msp)

3rd. Josh Wong (Scrub)

4th. Damian Eklund- (Storm, cable, doom, Santhrax)

5th. Alex Anderson - (Storm, cable, cammy, Scrub)

5th. Kaliek- (Cable, sent, doom, Scrub)

Tekken 5-

1st. Josh Wong (Bryan, Feng, Steve)

2nd. Bryheem Keyes (Nina, Jack-5, Steve)

3rd. Brandon De Shields (Steve)

4th. Alex Anderson (Feng, Jack-5, Murdock)

5th. Kaliek (Kazuya, Bryan)

5th. Damian Eklund (Steve)

Tekken 5 Grand Finals score was 4-1 Josh Wong over Bryheem.

Mvc2 Grand Finals score was 4-3 Me winning against Bryheem in the first set, then it stopped at 2-0 Bryheem in the 2nd set because I had to go home.

On a personal note: I seriously must admit that Tekken 5 OWNZ mvc2 for FREE! It’s seriously just a better game. I’m gonna step up seriously now.

Josh Wong is just too good in T5. He can play with every single person and win. That guy is a tekken lord.

There were many tournament highlights, but LZJ will post them. I’m too lazy to type it all because it was too much and too funny. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

bryheem was the best player all along

Yup! :bgrin:


  • dr. damian breaking in fixing DCs in under 2 hours.

  • brandon and everybody else who played bryheem in the tournament met their paddle doom because his game is a near perfect translation to his arcade skill.

  • damian waking up into backgrabs in T5.

  • bryheem doing the “it blew it” dance.

  • bryheem playing like his life was on the line for that money.

  • kaliek walking through the door when we all agreed it would be against all laws of the space/time continuum for a “TRUE WARRIOR APPEARANCE”

All of that had me laughing too hard. I couldn’t stand it anymore, especially the “it blew it” dance. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Alex almost fell to the floor laughing at that dance. Yo, Bryheem is the funniest man in the world.

u can’t even tech that stupid shit… t5 needs a superjump and an airdash and maybe its a poor mans children of the atom…

oh shit damian plays T5?

are you back with your girl? cuz midwest is in like 2 months and we need our captain back…

Ah! Captin Ron! When will you join us again?

yo what the fuck is this. 2d heads gangin up on tekken now AND they throwin secret tournaments?! balls! where was this

I miss Philly. I stay goin’ ova to New York now tho, but i do miss Philly… :sad: