4/20 Xanbat Results

1 Offstein (Wesker/Dormammu/Phoenix)
2 Steve H (Wolverine/Akuma/Wesker)
3 Tayt (Capt. America/Thor/Iron Man and Hulk)
4 Matt Coma (Viper/Trish/Dante)
5 Inerd (Magneto/Zero/Akuma and Taskmaster)
5 Josh L (Trish/Phoenix/Morrigan) (Trish/SentPhoenix)
7 Asiandaisy (Magneto/Storm/Wesker and Sent)
7 Tyler (Zero/Spencer/Doom)
9 BBHood
9 Unknown
9 gimr
9 Rugal B
13 Dave Wright
13 MuffinMan
13 Mike Weezy
13 DevilJin
17 Boom
17 Shin Oni

offstein is only winning cause he uses wesker phoenix

when he uses a different team than that ill give him respect…

rofl give him respect period bcuz hes winning

I agree. Real real talk.

agreed, Unk didnt gain respect with those players, Offstein wont either

stop being logical!

Damn, what happened to Deviljin leveling up?

He did. DJ handled his business. Wait oh…never mind.

Offstien as usual well deserved win.
Steve H. old man harrison, lucky person of the night.
Matt Coma well deserved win, stepped up your game, better Dante mix ups

GS to offstein, and petey for destroying the swag

Matt Coma needs to step up those Viper combos, I wouldn’t say I expect that from everyone, but from him I do.
Viper can do WAY more dmg WITHOUT bar then he was doing. It’s month two sir, time to stop doing viper combos i posted up on week minus 1.

Jean and Albert doin work as usual, game is good.

who the fuck is tayt… not being rude… just yo… TEAM AVENGERS!!? YO OH!?

He is a man who spends 3 meter to DHC tick throw people.

You don’t got those random response full screen team hyper combos, sir.

I’m about to ask a question that’s probably gonna offend some Xanadu people, but please bare with me, this is an honest question.

How do you guys go about seeding? based on past results the best players at this tournament were Offstein, Unknown, Asian Daisy, and Steve H./Josh L.(I don’t know which of these two would take the 4th spot)

This means that none of them should’ve had to fight each other until Winners Semi-Finals since they are the highest seeds. So, why then did Unknown play Asian Daisy Round 1 of winners?(It might’ve been round 2 of winners since I think there were 17 players thus there was a 32 man bracket so almost everyone got a bye.) Obviously this doesn’t justify his loss since he probably would’ve had to play Asian Daisy later in the tournament, I’m not making excuses for him. I’m just generally curious about how you guys decide seeding. If you guys don’t seed since it’s a Wednesday night Xanbat that makes more sense

Tonamento <-- Deal with it.

Seeding was not taken into account this tournament. The brackets were completely random.

GIMR, SRK tourneys don’t seed shit cause they’re lazy, and much too biased. Shoutouts to Smash.


Pat you aaaaand… Wool Blanket, first round.

I actually figured that Tonamento was used for this tournament, since they always use Tonamento for these tournaments and we always end up having to play the same people first/second round every week. I think both Unknown and I received byes first round and had to play each other second round, but regardless, Tonamento is a shitty organizer and I think we could do better if we actually did go by hard-copy of the tourney brackets. It would actually be “more random” that way, especially since we can easily just float people accordingly to the prior week’s matches or whatever else we want to take into consideration for floating. Obviously, there’d be no floating if the convenience doesn’t fit.

Or, you could download Tio, and actually seed the fucking bracket. Stop being shitty TOs

these are just weeklies for practice…