(4/20/10) 8 on the Break Weekly #53

Another great tourney from the break!

1: Ryder (Abel)
2: Mike Infinite (Juri)
3: KDZ (Rufus)
4: Dizzy
5: Dynicksty
5: Trinidad GAT
7: HackerMike
7: Bibulus
9: Sai
9: Darth Arma
9: NBG DemonEyes
9: Random James
13: FT
13: JSZombie
13: Wetbucket
13: Troy GT
17: ShiroXTenshi
17: Meyhem
17: NBG Kazuya
17: RedRanger
17: Noel
17: The_Laziest

I like that character name next to Mike Infinite.

My thoughts exactly. Shout out to Hacker and Bibulus. Stop coming in 3rd Phil. I’ll see y’all at the Break next week.

Nice Mike and Ryder hope you and your area make it to MTG this weekend…

Ryan getting 1st… Good shit.

Lol Juri…

I guess there was only one setup that night for a reason, huh :wink: