4/18 SOVA Ranbats: Nick was right

Thanks once again to everyone who came out to the Ranbat. These things are getting bigger. Once again we had 33 participants but we had 46 in attendance which is more than what we had at the last ranbat. Had everyone shown up on time (and we still didn’t start on time), we would have had at least 40 participants. Well, here are your results.

1: Moose ($66.00) (15 pts) - Balrog
2: Ryry (12 pts) - Sagat, Dhalsim, Balrog
3: Renegade (9 pts) - Zangief
4: K1 Sauce (6 pts) - Bison
5: Kitsune King (3 pts) - Balrog
5: Joe S (3 pts) - Sagat
7: Syber Ninja (2 pts) - Rufus
7: Joe E (2 pts) - Ryu

(Everyone else receives 1 pt)
9: Foomy - Sakura, Vega, Zangief
9: Unknown Enemy - Chun Li
9: Ariez - Blanka, Gen
9: Mr 720 - Zangief
13: Blackula - Sagat
13: Don - Blanka
13: Aleri - Balrog, Ryu
13: LV - Ken
17: Winback - Guile
17: Sean Miyagi - Abel
17: Kam - Akuma
17: Wiki P - Blanka
17: Judge - Ken
17: Aimforthefeet - Zangief
17: DBC - Cammy
17: Drizzle - Balrog
25: Jae Mito - Bison
25: Toasty - Ken
25: Taj - Sakura
25: J3W - Blanka
25: OJ4 - Sagat, Chun Li
25: Dsinnie - Blanka
25: Typhlosion - Sakura
25: Gamma - Bison
33: Neo Xian Wu - Sagat

New Point Totals

  1. Ryry - 54 pts

  2. Joe S - 29 pts

  3. K1 Sauce - 25 pts

  4. Moose - 15 pts

  5. 10x - 12 pts

  6. Winback - 11 pts

  7. Foomy - 10 pts

  8. Each has 9 pts
    Jay in VA

  9. Kitsune King - 8 pts

  10. Each has 6 pts
    Joe E

  11. Mr 720 - 5 pts

  12. Each has 4 pts
    Sean Miyagi
    Unknown Enemy
    Jae Mito
    Green Eggs and Kam

  13. Each has 3 pts
    Wiki P

  14. Each has 2 pts
    Bad Lt.
    C Dot
    Baby Puncher
    Syber Ninja

  15. Each has 1 pt
    Mr Feature Match
    Oh No
    Eric J.
    Black Dan
    Neo Xian Wu

I used blanka, not guile.

This was fun, ill be at the next one too hopefully.

i was late :C stupid work.

look forward 2 the vids of the GFs

damn, i woulda won this one too. good shit guys


my first tourney experience with 2D fighters =D Everyone was mad helpful and nice, thanks for the games. Hopefully I can stay for GF next time. I may have a Day 4 Ken that can only rape a flow chart, but y’all can’t touch my browntown shit talk :slight_smile:

Too many ppl in too small a space lol. I spent most of the time outside. Interesting matches though.

I’m working on the videos at the moment. They should be up I’d say within the next 3 hours.

enver when you read this, txt me bro. i got an idea!!!

first off thanks to blackula for hosting the events as it is the onlything going in sova atm

my only gripes is the ps3 is suppose to be the “official” system which is why i bought a te stick for the ps3…and having to use other peoples stick sucks…its not a reason i lost but i would prefer to use my stick lol

so unless the ps3 becomes the system to play on there i probably wont come to another ranbat ; ;

its not a huge complaint but half the time people wanted to use my stick for casuals and im using person A’s stick to play in tournament…silly! lol

i enjoyed myself though and it has promise
but the next one i do attend i plan on winning :slight_smile:

props to everyone i played
was great to see everyone
and the two people who put me out
Moose,K1 i think? cant wait for our rematches :wink:
me and k1(i think lol) was very close stupid ex snakestrike instead of ultra came out nuuuuu lol
good shit man
moose…i hate balrog

and foomy fucking counterpicking me!!! good thing i knew the match up and you dont really play gief lol

grats to the top placers moose,ryry, and robin u guys played well allnight



i swear to god i thought posted this earlier. i musta never hit submit reply. gdlk.

but anyways

damn, i woulda won this one too. good shit guys.

Alright dead fucking last!

i’m happy how i played. everyone is leveling up. good games to aries and judge.

ariez: gen was crazy son, blanka is getting there too.

judge: fuck your ken! hahah j/p good games to u too.

j3w nelson wiki p: good oldschool cvs2 3s matches in the other room

ryry: agian, so clutch. sooo close

moose: good to see you come down here to see that were are serious.

gamma: good to see u agian

jimmel: abel technology is going strong

aleri: you’ll bounce back, just hustle for that xbox

kitsune: geez! top 8! you are getting up there. your rog gets better everytime i see it.

k1sauce: good patient bison

cyberninja: good to see you there, and good to see a high level rufus

mito: practice up in the summer so u can come down here to show us that bison.

joe E and S: good shit staying consistent

and to everyone i missed, good shit, keep playing and keep having fun.

GG’s fuckin pissed at myself for choking

Good shit renegade, next time that last set will change -_-

Good shit Ollie

Alerri you fallin off, step it up

Joe E goood shit

Joe S beast as always

RYRY your my hero

Trent good to see you up top again…og’s still got it

All of !A you all are a fuckin force…nuff said

Gen is toooo fun to give up completely

All the matches I managed to get are up in the earlier rounds.


Moose- sooooo nice. gorlab army represent :smiley:

Renegade- wow you raped me pretty bad. i’ll be watching u vs moose a lot this week.

K1- gay ass ex psycho

Foomy- gg’s annoying Vega as usual.

!A- always a pleasure

After thoughts… next time can people post if they can bring system/tv/fan/deodorant? Soon enough with the weather getting hotter it’s gonna get real stank even with the windows down. More TV’s = faster tournament and more open for casuals later so lets get shit done. Fans will be MUCH APPRECIATED so will deodorant. Also, cmon SoVa you guys gotta level up. I’m tired of looking at brackets and only checking where Foomy, Ryry, 10x, out of towners and !A are. some people are looking very promising and i plan to train with them so the competition can get on rape status.

Another beast RANBAT in SOVA!!! Let us get the money!

Syber - good shit man, are match was really close and very interseting. I look forward to more matches bro! Badass Rufus!

Kitsune - U got me next time bro! Watch out for that purple shit haha. But for real, your gorlab is getting…scary…

Moose - Incredible to watch your play and reaction time. Glad you were able to come on down.

All in all I felt this was the best Ranbat to date. They keep getting bigger!?

Also, I should have word about that “Monthly” that would take place on May 9th…stay tuned and keep practicing people.

who is Balrog?