4/14 C3's April Armageddon! VA/MD! 3S, ST, CvS2, GGXX/, T5DR



44710 Cape Court #118
Ashburn, VA 20147

This will be the new, permanent C3 everyone. It is a bigger venue w/ 3 projectors. It’s also less then 1 minute from the old venue.

11am Smash Signups starts. Tourney will start when registration is complete.
When Smash Doubles get close to finishing, Smash pools will start

3pm Registration will start for all other games. Tourneys will start as soon as everyone there is signed up and brackets are done.

IMPORTANT: David said he will be closing at 1am. Some of our late nights are getting ridiculous… so I will be changing some things up a bit.

CHANGE #1 In order to encourage fighting gamers to show up early, at least 1 TV will be set aside for casuals in each of the 5 fighting games NO LATER THAN 2pm. So… show up early and get some games in.

***CHANGE #2 The poker tournament is nixed. All is well in the world now that PVFP finally won. I will setup a table for a permanent cash game, but, everything shuts down at 1am. Tourney just takes too long. ***

***CHANGE #3 If you have not contacted me personally or C3 (# will be posted soon) by 430pm for the fighting games, you will start in losers at best. By 5pm you will not be allowed to enter in the tournament. Period. ***


SSBM (10$)
SSBM teams (20 per team)
3S (5$)
GGXX/ (5$)
CvS2 (5$ )
ST (5$)
T5 DR (5$)

Venue Fee: 8$ (one can of soda and chips/candy included)

PS3 2/ T5DR download is needed. First two guys that show up w/ them will get free entry into the T5 tourney and will not have to pay venue fee (18$ value).

SSBM is bring your own controller.

Most games: Double Elim

I would like to do 3S as a double elim/round robin style again. I’m also pondering enacting a one character rule. It really depends on the turnout.

Standard Rules for all games.

Payout per tourney:

<10 entrants 66/33
10-20 entrants: 58/28/14
over 20 entrants 53/26/14/7
over 50 entrants 50/25/12.5/6.25/3.125/3.125C


Embassy Suites Hotel Dulles-North/Loudoun, VA 3 star rating
44610 Waxpool Road, Dulles, VA Map
0.3 Miles South of 21770 Beaumeade Circle ~109$ a night


So I’m guessing this is just in a different warehouse than before? Hopefully people are willing to adjust to the time constraints. I get off at 1 so I shouldn’t have a problem making it before 4.

I guess it would be fun to go back to the round robin thing but is it gonna be like before where only the people who qualify out of round robin will be in the actual event? Round robin is fun but I dunno if I like the idea so much of people having to qualify just to be in the actual double elim tournament. I remember earlier tournaments where I clearly would have done decently granted I was able to play in the tournament. I’m good enough now where qualifying should be easy but I think everyone should have a chance in the actual double elim event.

can people actually come this time?

12 players for 3S…that’s a new low.

I’ll be in town on the 14th so the scrubiest of the scruby will be there to add to the ST and CvS2 pot.

i have SAT class, but im definately gonna try and make it once i get outta that

fuck yeah im goin out on top babay. reighning C3 poker champ 4 life. im a fucking legend.

also whats up with the can of soda thing. that shit jumped from a 2 dollar drink(red bull or gatorade) to a fucking can of mt. dew, a 50 cent drink. hmmmmm. i feel like im being swindled out of 3 extra bucks for something that costs A buck. dont mean to cause problems, im just saying what everyone is thinking. dont shoot the messenger, this aint 300.

so…guilty gear???

GG is too anime. We playing a man’s game, Hokuto no Ken!

thats right
how do people feel about an HNK tournment now that ist out?
or whould you rather wait next month?


will come and get raped.

I’m down.

yeah…the changes-very necessary.

ill have money for this one.

entering cvs2/3s show up ppl.


I think CvS should be $5. We’ve got a couple of guys trying to get into it. Lower entry should help out.

Yeah…C3 hasn’t been getting the numbers lately for fighters like it used to. I think waiting until 9 or 10 o clock to run a majority of the tournaments had factored into it. Some people had other things to do and weren’t gonna wait all night for a tourney. The turnout should be better granted everyone makes it on time.

Smash takes up too much time and space, period.

I’d probably play if it were teams but I’m too terrible at 3S to jump into a Singles tournament. :x

This is a good idea because it’s going to be the only time you can hold an interesting tournament for the game. Once people learn the retarded shit it’s just not worth it any more.

Devilj1n we should get together again some time for more games, haven’t really played you guys much in a while and last C3 I was just grumpy as fuckall.

Whoa, whoa. It’s 10$ per game, and $8 for the venue? In other words, it’s $18 for one game and $28 (!) if I wanna play Third Strike and Super Turbo? Are you kidding me? Why don’t I just give you my bank account number, you can take whatever you like. Why do any of you consider this at all acceptable?

This is just too much money. If the prices stay like this, I won’t be there.

yeah, its $2 away from being a major.

Before it was cool when it was all night, but setting a cap on it suddenly killed the vibe that only C3 created, and that was its all about gaming. Now it seems like its all business, get in and get out.

I dunno, maybe 1 a.m. seems a little too early, especially to gamers.

just my 2 cents

It is business.

Why are SF players so cheap?

It’s really that bad to ask for $10 for unlimited gaming for up to 11 hours? Come on guys.

I dont mind the high entry fees cause I will always win a tourney or two. I am the Super turbo champ after all (hi renegade!!! would that be one wall dive or two?). When gametime had tourneys,1 am would be the cutoff too i think, so its not too much to ask. van pelt, i will kill the messenger… with down back wall dives everywhere


Sucks to hear that. I understand money doesn’t grow on trees but the venue fee isn’t that bad. I’ve heard of events that charge 10+ just for venue fee (and I’ve been to some of them). Would suck to have you not come and I would almost be willing to help you enter if it’s that bad on you. Be good to see you at another C3. Not to say that I’m trying to buy you in to the tournament but that’s just cuz I think you’re a cool guy to have at the events. If not we always have our gatherings on Fridays so lemme know wuz up.

Otherwise…I’m in the same boat as Kikin. I’m decent enough in 3S to come out with money in that game so it’s more or less free gaming for me. I even placed 3rd in ST so that was more money. I guess it’s easier if you know you’re in the money but I understand some people just not trying to spend that money every month. Peepz got their priorities and what not.