4/13 Xanbat Baltimore, MD

1 Offstein
2 Unknown
3 Promethius
4 Steve Harrison
5 BChan
5 Lud
7 Asian Daisy
7 Josh Leung
9 Rugal B
9 BBHood01
9 Gimr
13 Krost
13 Tayt
13 DevilJin01
13 Tyler
17 Strogg
17 Dave Wright
17 Drew
17 Apostle
17 White Man
17 Kusanagi02
17 Reljin

Offstein - Well deserved win, you practiced hard and you made it. You’ll probably get less shit for Phoenix than everyone else.
Unknown - I am 0/3 and out of excuses other than that wasn’t my real team and you should of been dead again. Anyways you did well continuing to place top 2 in each tournament. Good job.
Steve H - Gotta control the phoenix, old man
Bchan - Why you get so lucky
BBHood - Hottest Captain America Ever

phoenix mirror match in the finals?

Better believe it.

"13 Krost"
dunno what happened but i didn’t enter this tournament, only came to xan to get that dirty O FEI MONEY

Wait, you guys were still doing O. Fei mirrors tonight?

steve h bchan lud top 5. the way it should be in marvel…

step your shit up white man. still proving you cant play fighting games.

how many players are pad players in the top 3?

It must have been some other white guy then. :rofl:


You stupid, PVFP.

Two. Second and third.

I have no idea how Bchan got top 5, lulz… but that dude Drew started throwing hella salt during our match.

bchan is the king of new games!

lol at me getting 9th.

@Asian Daisy: good matches. I had fun. I’ll step it up by next wednesday
@Deviljin: Are set was fun. I was extremely nervous, lol
@unknown: hopefully I won’t have to play you round 1 again.

lol nah, this dude BILLY was talking shit about o.fei… had to show him the power with a $20 fee

haha i think when someone saw me come in they put me down for marvel, but i had to leave, just came by to get the O.FEI DUCKETS


You know he is. Nigguh made a public announcement on the stream that he’s putting hits out on all Phoenixes in the world. :lol: