4/13: 3S, GGXX, A3 @ Family Fun Arcade socal Full Results

1st Gee-O
2nd Paul Lee
3rd Ken I
4th Mike Watson
5th Pyrolee, Don Sneddon
7th Vic Vance, Yi Wang
9th Hiro Oni, Christian Mancia, Joel Benefiel, Danny Leong
13th John D., Damien Howitt, Robert Hacker, T
17th Eric Chin, Jason Gong, Jason Cole, Jeremy B, Kyle Lee, Andy Kim, Frank Melendez, Mitchell, Tong
25th Rob Greco, Jeff H, Reza O, Eric Eckels, Jose Lico, Lawrence Perales, Erick, Mikei Xse

1st Id
2nd Sydney Toggerson
3rd Jose Lico
4th Jason Gong
5th Alex Asian
5th Win Sripongkosol
7th Danny Leong, ShinATProof
9th George Posadas, Thomas Ji, Justus, Jose 2.0
13th John Kim, Dash, Def, Peter Gibson

1st Danny Leong
2nd Jason Cole
3rd Mike Watson
4th Ghetto D
5th Christian M, KP
7th Paulee, Reza
9th Def, Henry, Dash, Joseph Rubio, Fortino

Good shit from everyone. Saw some really intense matches. A3 was hella fun to watch, maybe we’ll do it again soon! Props to all you mofos that came down.

good turnout for this one. good games all, and btw, the head to head machine blows ass during daylight. thanks for the first round loss… fucken bs. anyways, good job gee-o for the second tourney in a row. i had you man :slight_smile: two days in a row you beat me. next time you die… j/k good tourney guys, had fun, and good job mayuko. you beat my other homie genghis. now we have lots of shit to talk about. peace out peeps. see you all next time. btw, the a3 machine is crap. thankx


Awesome tournament, it seems like all the 3rd strikers skill level is constantly improving. Props to gee-o for owning and to paul for having such a solid ken.

Great tourney overall.
Rockefeller, i got really lucky against you last round.
Geo, I sooooooo had you that last round :mad:
oh well, I had fun!
Good games Geo :lol: :smiley:
Paul, i’m gonna get into your mind one of these days :bluu:
it was fun though, i have no regrets/complaints
See you next 3rd Strike tourney

Ken I.

props to danny representing that hot vegas garbage :slight_smile:


Thanx to everyone for comming down…the Ken vs. Gee-O match was so intense…Ken…you had it :frowning: Gee-O is too good!

P.S - The Lil’ Thai Chick at Stars ownz ID for free cuz he doesnt know how order chicken nuggets :stuck_out_tongue:

good games everyone, ff is easily #1 in US.

henry, any idea of where i finished in a3?? :slight_smile:

My name is mysteriously absent in alpha 3 also :slight_smile:

Thanks Watson…I was gonna faint from the stress of playing against Chun. You have improved alot imo. Low forward super is too scary. Great job to everyone…had lots of fun this weekend.

P.S. Gee-o aand Edma are the MASTERS. :stuck_out_tongue:


good tourney as usual!! paul…robbing that round from u made me top 5 in alpha 3…not too shabby… but a bit lucky… good games…hope for another 3s tourney soon…thanks henry for the tournaments…

       :D family fun arcade = #1:D

Props to fuckin Sirhenk for runnin the tourneys.
You’re too good dude.

Fuckin Starz menu is retarded.
"It doesent say #10, chicken nuggets. It says 10 chicken nuggets. But…it comes with 12"
haha, dinner was fun, good to see you again Danny.

meee tooooo

hehe whoops sorry paul and reza, nothing personal i’ve just had a lot on my hands lately. this weekend was a bit stressful ^_^; i edited the corrections for ya, props to you two… you guys did better than i’ve ever seen today =D

good tourney. man i got so lucky :smiley: … thanks again sirhenk

good games to everyone who played. watson’s low forward super own3d…

gee-os chun was too good… but paul’s ken played very well against every other character

can’t wait for the next 3s tourney… lets show the u.s. why ffa is #1 wen it comes to 3s!

Nothing but love for all of those at todays tournaments…especially the XX one. Good fights.
really surprising turnout for SFZ3…very cool stuff.

good tourney :smiley:

what an awesome tourney. props to all.

henk: i think “Oni” is taken for user names so now i’m Japanese Oni. :lol:

can’t wait for the next one

family fun = #1

;_; I couldn’t come because I had a 13 hour shift with Ralph at Cyberzone the night/morning before.

mannnnnnnn, i didnt know danny L was in the house, i was about to go check out that tournament too until def told me he left, i’ll catch your ass next time :evil: good shit to all the winners and the others contributing to the winners money :evil: :smiley: :evil:

This is Genghis.

I’m not trying to use this as an excuse or anything but it was hella windy on the head to head machine. It’s like trying to play with a fan blowing in your face.

ibuki super art I = parry bait :slight_smile: