I currently have 3SOE on the ps3 and noticed that there hasnt been much players as of late. How’s the community on XBONE? If the community there is more lively I might pick one up.

It depends on the time but it’s not super busy on xbl either usually. Fightcade seems to be the most consistently active online platform now. Usually when I look on fightcade there’s 100-130 active players on at normal hours.

I like fightcade,but it doesnt run well on windows 7. Im planning to build a computer with windows XP just for fightcade.

There’s actually usually a number of people on 360 at any time. Last night I was on at 4 am and was in a full lobby.

Whats the difference? I’m using a W7 PC and it seems to work fine?



Xbone? Sf3, oe is on xbox one? Since when :stuck_out_tongue: and dont forget 360 was better than ps3