3SOE Priceless hate mail

Title says it all; post any funny/bemusing/WTF-ish messages you get while playing 3SOE. I’m REALLY bored at work…

No hate mail yet but I got my first disconnect from a Chun Li player after I schooled him the first round and had his Chun at 50% life the second round. Oh and yeah, I was using Remy too. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. I wish I could remember his screen name and post it here.

No hate mail for me yet. but the very first person i played in a tourney quit on me before the match started. not sure what that was about. are people dropping alot?

No hate mail yet, but I had some Necro player raging on the mic calling me a pussy because I kept blocking and punishing him lol.

I got so mad that I quit a bunch of times and my d/c rate was over 4 trillion.

oh wait…

Had some Alex player send hatemail to me after I beat him with Urien. Got him in the corner, he mashed a Hyper Bomb, I smelled it and just did UOH to combo (Aegis was on top of him already). All it said was “cheating pussy” or something like that.

I got a lot of silly stuff last night. I’ll post it when I get home. some GGPO messages too though.

No hatemail. :sad:

Only a ragequit from a flowchart Ryu.

I haven’t been hated on yet :frowning:


I wish I could post the hate mail I got last night from a laggy Gouki. He said I was using a cheap character and taking advantage of people who didn’t play the game every minute of every day. I don’t know what the Elena - Gouki matchup is, but I’m reasonably sure it isn’t 8-2, advantage Elena.

i beat a Q player with my Elena by taunting, i kept taunting throughout the whole match trying to get “Sticks and Stones” he called me a A****** afterwards

He was playing Dudley. The guy just kept doing Rose Taunt into dash machine gun blow.

Not mine, but from someone from Unity.

From a dude who got beat by a turtling Remy.

Hahahahahahaha, yes.

Oro really seems to turn on the rage quits… you get them about 37 hits into chickloop xx ex rocks and poof… they are just gone…lol

But seriously I think they get extra mad when losing to oro, twelve, necro, ect…lol I guess they only want to lose to a shoto… and at least as flow charty as themselves.

Lol, I had my notifications turned off so I could watch streaming movies. I didn’t realize this guy was sending me invites to join his game so eventually he got mad and called me a nig*er.

It was refreshing. :rolleyes:

Nothing to be proud of. Really.

I got hatemail for doing rapid fire with Remy

so fun :lovin:

I lost like 10 games in a row to a Remy with Oro and the guy obviously played third strike well before this edition. After the 10th game he leaves and he sends me:

‘‘You fucking scrub, you think you can just beat me after a day practice LMFAO go back to sf4 nigga’’