3SOE: Embarassing Problems that need to be fixed ASAP

I actually wrote this up for my local thread but figured I should post here as well. Not a bad job capcom but a few things seemed to slip past that really shouldn’t have. I play on PS3.

A couple reasons not to buy 3SOE

  • When you get a good connection, its very good. Minor input lag, probably best online experience of any fighting game. Unfortunately a good connection is pretty rare, since the ping indicator is very decieving, theres no way to search for people from your region, and ranked matches just hook you up with some random, not like in SF4 where you can ‘custom search’ to choose someone you know you’ll get a good connection with.

  • When the connection is bad, its undescribably bad. You are playing a slideshow. People teleport to the other side of you. Every sound effect seem to play twice. Hit confirms roll back to block animations after you’ve input a super. “Playing Underwater” in SF4 with a bad connection sucks, but i’d take it over this any day, especially in a game where 1 hit confirms are probably the most important thing in the game.

  • No Blind select on ranked match. Are you kidding me? Epic fail. I’m pretty sure I even remember the developer guy saying it would be blind. This sucks. Hope you’re ready to hear ‘DING DING DING DING DING’ while people mash directions on the select screen for 30 seconds before settling on Ken like they were going to all along.

  • Spectator mode seems to kick in sometimes in lobby and other times not. Not sure why.

  • No input display in training mode. No hit boxes either. Seriously? Ugh.

Reasons to buy:

  • Its 3S.

  • Rage mail rolls in on day 1. Its super fun command grabbing people as they get up trying to mash SRK but it doesn’t come out because theres no input shortcuts and a much smaller reversal window.

So should I buy or not buy?

Dont feed him DJ
Close these’s salty complaint filled rants

Uhm. Hi. Instead of trolling why don’t you try to respond, refute what I said?

You can’t, because everything I posted is entirely factual.

They’ll patch it. No worries.

It’s all in the name breh and there is nothing valid in what you said.

Online lag is online lag ggpo can mask but not eliminate it.
Blind select?
Get the fuck outta here.

Actually, everything he said is valid. Online should allow you to choose “Same Region” or “Any”. Ping should be shown as “Ping”, not some arbitrary color code (that doesn’t actually mean anything and will change depending on if you are spectating or fighting [Yes, I had a green conn to the host, but when it was time for me to fight, it turned orange]). Hitbox display should be in, as HDR has shown us that it is definitely possible and is simply a matter of adding the option in the menu to change the buffer. Input Display would be no more difficult. You’re adding an option to change the buffer. Spectator mode is finnicky and doesn’t always work. Not having blind select is stupid online. In a game that people have solidified the tiers and matchups, counterpicking will run rampant without it.

Why does it take FIVE MINUTES to find a ranked match!? Its this ridiculous. Sadly, this is a faulty product.

:confused: who the fuck cares about blind select. you think theres blind select at the arcade? :confused:

So many other things id rather see changed or touched up before something like that.

Are there any games this generation that actually show ping as a number?

It’s entirely possible that games must resort to the wacky color system because Microsoft and/or Sony explicitly forbids or makes it impossible to show ping as a numeric value.

the game should make some sort of noise when it finds a match in ranked, I usually look away and do something else while I’m finding a match and several times now I’ve wasted my time being matched with someone who was afk

KOF98 and MOTW show ping as a number, but that’s SNK, and it comes with typical SNK netcode.

HDR shows the ping number


SKill is aware of the stuff that needs to be fixed and has said the team is already working on fixes. This thread can die now.

well dang, so much for benefit of the doubt

I’ll tell myself the color system is so that the game doesn’t need to ping and update them as often. Yeah, that’s it.

orange matches are rather tolerable most of the time anyway

I dont like the lobby. The lobby is horrible. With an accidental input of “x” youre dropped from second player to the last in line and its almost impossible to not even touch your stick while waiting.

And how the fuck do you disable the horrible remixed music? Shits garbage. Id rather listen to gospel music than that shit. And cant you pick console colors? I read somewhere that you could?

To be honest, I kinda want my money back. They released a faulty product. This will be the THIRD time I’ve purchased 3s. I bought it this time to play online… something that I can BARELY do. I’m not waiting 5minutes between each ranked match.

Go into the vault and get the OG music(10 VP)…

Set them to come on as the normal music(for the main menu, just set as main menu music and for character select it’ll say something about global option or some shit like that at the bottom, just press y) and good as new third strike…

Lots of people care about blind select. At the arcade? No. At tournaments? Yes.

Arcade is entirely different because you’re locked into the character you’re already playing, you make a shitty argument.
With blind select - char select takes 4 seconds. Without - I get a listen to PINGPINGPINGPINGPING while the homebody I was matched up with herpderps around for 30 seconds, thinking he knows how to counter pick me as if it matters.

Its just more frustration and wasted time after 10 minutes of
Searching for opponent
Searching for opponent
Searching for opponent

Opponent found from god knows what country with god knows what internet. Its not that I really MIND color ping over numerical, its that the color isn’t remotely reliable. I have no idea what standard they use to decide who is yellow who is orange etc

Its not like its a crash and burn or anything but I definitely feel a little lied to. We were promised the best/most complete fighting game ever and they left out some REALLY basic features that have no excuse for not being included.

The ‘next up’ system is debateble. I don’t like it either, im sure some don’t mind.

The lobby definitely does bug out tho. I’ve been at the front of lobbies waiting around for something to happen for 5 minutes and nothing does.

I like these people that spend more time complaining about the game then actually playing it. It great. Online is online, its good sometimes, sometimes its not. Offline is great, if you’re feeling lag offline, something must be wrong with your tv