3s Yun Kara Palm

How do you do it?
also building meter while staying on the offensive.

do you read any section except this one?

Try going to the 3rd strike forum
Yun section


It’s an effin’ sticky on the Yun subforum.


C’mon, dude. There’s a whole freakin’ subforum dedicated to 3S that most likely have the answers to questions that you ask, some of them even stickied. You could at least attempt to do that instead of making us waste our time telling you to go there.

Wasn’t this idiot banned before?

He didn’t learn the last time to stop wasting people’s time?

SRK flowchart

  1. Don’t read the rules, ignore the search function, put no effort in your posts
  2. Get called out on your idiocy
  3. Complain about how mean and unhelpful SRK is, preferably on your blog or youtube channel

Create a new account and start all over

wow, and none of you get anything for flame baiting.
All i asked was a question in the question thread. I currently have no open threads. so stop complaining that i make tyoo many, you could just not respond to them and therefore draw less attention to them if you didn’t want to see them. and im not an idiot, i do know how to search, and I’m sorry you all are in a bad mood over something that amounts to nothing more than a mistake. I don’t regularly check older forums because info may or may not be there, it’s variable, so I thought my best option was to ask. I don’t care if I made you mad, that’s you’re issue and your decision to react that way.

If you see a lack of threads to make the older ones show up go to the bottom of the screen: Show threads -> from beginning… it allowed me to find the old ST threads that I thought were deleted… I was halfway about to cryno homo when I saw the ST forum look so desolate…

So many posts…How do you kara palm goddamn it!

I put in “yun kara palm tutorial” on Youtube. I found a tutorial for Yun’s kara palm with a visual on how to do the input on the FIRST SEARCH RESULT. I found a tutorial on how to do it, with a front shot of the player actually inputting kara palms, in the SECOND SEARCH RESULT. Both vids by AC Slayer and NicaKO respectively, two players who have released quite a few 3S tutorials.


You suck at searching. End of story.

Also, what else do you have to lose when trying to search older forums? A minute of your time? Lord knows you’d just use that time to make another thread showing a vid of Daigo sleeping on the table again because you forgot to search that thread of yourself posting it.

but how do you kara palm?!

ka-la palmuu?



ka-la palmu