3s Super Battle Opera European Qualifier: Round 1 - 1/18/03

32 entrants placed in 4 groups, top 2 of each group went through and formed another group of 8 to fight round robin style (best of 7 matches) and determine who the best player was.

1st: Cuzco (aka Fabien) - 7 wins, 0 loss - Ken, Makoto, Gouki
2nd: BillyKane - 6 wins, 1 loss - Yun, Chun-Li, Alex, Ken
3rd: V-Nash (aka el_diablo) - 5 wins, 2 losses - Ken, Ryu, Chun-Li, Alex
4rth: [3rd]Wael (aka Empror) - 4 wins, 3 losses - Urien, Ken
5th: Adel - 2 wins, 5 losses - Alex, Ken, Ryu, Hugo
6th: savio78 - 2 wins, 5 losses - Hugo, Necro, Q
7th: [3rd]Walid - 1 win, 6 losses - Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li
8th: [3rd]M’Barreck - 1 win, 6 losses - Dudley, Ibuki, Gouki

Cuzco is undefeated in the final group and gets the first spot for the European team. We’ll have to wait for the next two tournaments in Paris to find out who the two other members will be (no set date yet, go to console-league.com for more information).

Fuck me fabien owned u all up. I knew on his day fabien would be very hard to beat. I mean the man plays like daigo. But presure owns him I think france should send the best players what do u think billy?

Good job 2 the peeps who placed >)

that’s a shame i didn’t win this one (what u want me to be happy? :p) but fabien deserved this place… ha played without pressure this time (centerpark power…)and he played well really.
But next time PREPARE TO DIE!!!
So the 1st qualified man for SBO is FABIEN!!!
thanks for all who attended and see you next time (hope to see some english peeps…)

He won so he’s the best player and deserves to go. No matter the problems he’s had dealing with pressure in the past, he played very well this time, when it counted.

Wow I didn’t know you European players were planning on representing at the Super Battle Opera as well!

Too good!

Props go out to Fabien. I’m really looking forward to see who makes the European Team and how they fair in the SBO.

Keep up the good work guys!

go Billy! win the next tourney :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Fabien swept us all with a 7-0 and played like he never did before in a tournament. I think his closest win was vs V-Nash (4-3) except that he won the other match ups 4-0 or 4-1.
he earned his spot and deserved it.

He beat Walid 4-3 also.

Billy was there any of the macthes recorded? HAHA Wael u bum u lost :rolleyes: How could u let me down, I no longer own a pc because of you. You know all my money is riding on you making this team. Nashhhhh representing u know he is only playing 3s so he qualifies to go to japan to PLAY ALPHA 3!!!. Haha. Wael I don`t think any uk players will come for the qualifier cuz thay all suck!! But if I have the time and money I will try to make the next tournament.

Good to see the international players still keepin it real…I likes that…


chunkis there is a money thing going on??? u should have told me i would have perfected them all!!! MUHAHAHAHA (:stuck_out_tongue: don’t hit me fabien loooooooool) i hope to see as many guys as possible for the next qualifiers :D)

wael, remember… 0-3… 4-3… muahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha (that’s for the perfect thing):evil:

ok don’t hit me too el diabOOOOlo (jennety stylez!!!) lol really u deserve my place man u came back from hell so i can’t say anything u owned…it’s because i organised the tourney it was dark my hands were cold they were smoking grass yelling, was it your foot on the arcade cab???(sac words ownz jOO!!!)


Congrats to Fabien on getting 1st.

Wael what happened man ?
CRUSH them next time :evil: !

crush is not a solution for everything :stuck_out_tongue: we should just gather around a table and have a discussion then BAM !!!STOMP!!!

yes, wael rulez. wael is the only good french player, yay.

me is beginning to get a lil’ pissed, here

man 2nd dregree what’s up with u??? and it’s true some friends are being supportive to me and i don’t deserve it it’s true…(no irony i mean what i am saying here).

Did you guys record the matches?