3s?ST Arcade Game Zone X Los Angeles 2/4 RESULTS

ST Round Robin-

  1. Jason Cole “Afrocole” 13 wins (Dhalsim)
  2. (tie) Alex Valle “calipower” 12 wins (Ryu, Ken)
  3. (tie) Jason Wilson “DreamTR” 12 wins (Chun-Li, Bison, Guile, Vega)
  4. Jason de Heras “Shirts” (O. Sim)
  5. Mike Ross (E. Honda, Zangief, Guile, Balrog)

Cole’s only loss in tourney was to DreamTR. DreamTR’s only loss in tourney was to Valle. Valle’s only loss in tourney was to Cole. Valle beats DreamTR 3-1 to face Cole in final elimination winner take all match. Cole wins 3-1 and the tournament.

3rd Strike Doubkle Elimination-

  1. Alex Valle “Calipower” (Ryu)
  2. Ken I. “Sextaro” (Makoto)
  3. Jason Wilson “DreamTR” (Necro, Elena)
  4. MutantXP (Urien)
    5 (tie) Joel Benefiel “Buffotaku” (Elena, Alex)
    5 (tie) Thomas Shin “Arlieth” (Makoto)

Wacky wild stuff in this tournament for sure…Very good Hugo player from Walnut places Arlieth in loser’s early…Winner’s Finals was DreamTR vs Valle (2-0, Valle) and Loser’s Finals was DreamTR vs Sextaro (2-1, Sextaro)

Thanks to everyone who showed! Next week we will have another WINNER TAKE ALL tournament for 3s and possibly CVs2/A3…

good shit, got my ass handed too me, but it was fun. So no ST next week? I’ll bring my camera next time so maybe it can help flood the ST scene.

valle beats sex? vidssssssssss

NEIMAN?!!!1 if so, good shit man!

It was Neiman that put Arlieth in Loser’s. There are no videos of this tournament.

I love missing linked SA2s.

A3? Really? Nice to see you playing again Jason.


Yeah, we have access to switching boards rather easily, we might just one game on Saturday coming up, but definitely A3 will be in the works.

Vic! Where have you been? You should come to our mystery tourneys…

Shit was cool, was good to see Shirts finally crawl out of his cave hehe. You gotta get out more Shirts =)

Best thing about the tourney, me getting my hands on the Capcom D-pad for PSP! SIIICK! Bring on A3 PSP tourneys!! LOL


what year are these results from? 98?


Valle: “They call those MISCONFIRMS.”