3s MAME Training Mode and Show Button Inputs - Tutorial

Hi all,

Ive been trying to learn Ken on 3S using MAME.
Along my way I worked out how to enable a kind of training mode by using cheats. This and the **show button inputs ** have been really useful.

So cuz I heart you all ! Here is a mini tutorial :slight_smile:

These tips should work with most games on mame (im using MAME 32 Plus Plus 0.116u2).

ORIGINAL THREAD with inline images HERE :


  1. Download the cheat file here http://cheat.retrogames.com , unzip and place the Cheat.dat in your Mame root folder.

  2. Enable Cheats in mame menu (options -> Default game Properties -> Miscellaneous)

  3. start up the game and anytime after the legal screen press Tab on your keyboard and scroll down

to cheats -> Add / Disable cheats. This should open up a window to enable Training mode like options i.e. infinite time , infinite health and power for P1 and P2 etc

see pics (click on them for larger views!)




SHOW INPUTS (buttons etc):**

Once the game is running press Tab on your keyboard (input (general)-> User Interface -> show button

input) Configure a keyboard shortcut to this command and press it in game. Once you input commands a

small scroll bar will come up at the bottom of the screen.

This is really useful for trouble shooting and learning combos , supers / special etc.


is there anyway to make the dummy on random guard?

Not that I know of …btw to simulate crouching P2 just tape the down key on ya keyboard :stuck_out_tongue:

What I used to do is use Nebula emulator and just download the trainer for 3rd Strike. It only works with Nebula though. The trainer is called Z-Trainer. You can get it here: http://rapidshare.com/files/74006173/Z-Trainer_1.0.rar.html

Its pretty useful little tool. Basically what I do to make a ghetto training mode is load up Z-Trainer which opens up Nebula, then in the trainer I set player 1 to have max super, I set player 2 health at infinite (enter value of 4000), then I use the infinite timer option. The keyboard shortcuts are (Shift-4 - max super, Alt-3 - set player 2 health @ 4000, and Ctrl-Shift-T and set the battle timer at 99 for infinite).

Then just load up 3rd Strike in the Nebula window and it should work. Just press 1 and 2 player start and choose your main and your dummy and train away.

Sweet there’s a new cheat.dat, I was using this old one for training that didn’t have infinite superbar, which sucked.

that is a hilarious avatar:rofl:

u rule man thanks

This is very good…

so does this work with ggpo’s mame-inspired emulator?

Thanks for the info on this. Is there a way to make the dummy controlled by the AI? In other words, a training mode where the dummy moves as if it were arcade mode, but with infinite health. I can’t figure out how to set it like that myself.

Well, you could just go into 1 player mode rather than 2 player Vs. with the same settings I mentioned above for Z-Trainer. That way the computer will still do the usual stuff they do but you won’t kill them and the time won’t run out. That’s about all you can do.

Epic Bump

Does any know of a good alternative emulator to MAME that allows the “show button inputs” option?

OMG. MAME32 PLUS+ show button input is such garbage. I have no idea how the OP found that useful.

Your inputs disappear right after you press them.

Does anyone know any emulator that has this show button inputs function (and hopefully better than mame32++)???

Eh, try using the NullDC dreamcast emulator. Then load up the 3S ISO. The training mode on that is pretty decent. Not like the CVS2 or SSF4 training modes though. Good for parry training.

Emulator? I got Keeper-Jin down via the infinite Genei-Jin cheat. Nothing else notable.

ha, this is great to know. i was wondering how to do i train without a console version.

I found that emulator to be buggy as hell and the game doesn’t work well wit the combination of plugins that work (i.e. don’t speed up the game to chipmunk speed.) o well.

Trini, you need to stop expecting 3S to pander to you. I don’t understand how greatly seeing your inputs is going to help you. If you can’t control how quickly you’re pressing buttons and are questioning your inputs you need to work on your execution.

If something isn’t coming out. Do it slower, smoother and with greater precision. You can speed up later. Seeing button inputs is REALLY unnecessary. You’re way too hung up on things that simply do not matter. Play the game or don’t. The mame cheats work fine for being able to practice timing/combos.

Dood, all due respect for all your help… But just because you were able to learn the game without a full featured training mode doesn’t mean others cant benefit from this. I understand you don’t play sf4 but inputs, trials and the other goodies in there ACCELERATED most people’s progress with the game including mine. When people ask for execution help in the sf4 forums, the canned response is TURN ON INPUT DISPLAY. 3s being significantly harder to learn could definitely use a solid training mode.

A training mode would be great. I don’t think anyone would disagree. There is none however and I don’t really think it’s necessary to learning the game. You’re focusing way too much on the specifics. Everyone learns their own way but if you simply can’t learn the way you usually do (due to limitations in that system) then you have to adapt and learn a different way. So instead of saying blah blah its hard because there is no training mode, etc, why don’t you just try and learn the game in the only way you can right now.

I set 2p to infinite health and turn on infinite time and then try out some links/combos/cancels. You don’t NEED more than this. You’ve just been babied into thinking you do because SF4 has it.

You’re really not making yourself a favorite of those that lurk on the 3s boards by complaining about things you don’t understand yet. You’re obviously knew to fighting games and that’s totally fine. Instead of expecting everything to meet or exceed your SSF4 standards why don’t you take it for what it is. Whether that means playing it and enjoying it or just letting it go because it just isn’t your thing, will take too much time, too difficult, etc. Doesn’t matter. Just decide and be done with it.

I’m sure 3SOE will have a training room since the xbox/ps2 versions had training options already. If you intend to play 3SOE you will not have wasted your time simply training on a dummy in mame using the cheat.dat file. No it will not show you everything and it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, but it will let you try things out at your leisure which is the single most important thing a ‘training room’ can do for you.

You’re not helping yourself or anyone by complaining about a lack of a SSF4 style training room.