3s Junkies Podcast - Ep1 w/ pherai, EricxChin, Yuuki Spencer

Been holding off releasing this for too long so sorry if the episode feels a little dated…

Ep1 - http://www.kraproom.com/denjin/podcast/3sJunkiesEp1.mp3

Ep3 - http://www.kraproom.com/denjin/podcast/3sJunkiesEp3.mp3

At the moment we don’t have dedicated hosting lined up or a podcast feed, so until I get those things together, I’d ask if anyone listening can hold off on submitting this IPW or EH or anything.

In the next couple episodes we’re planning on having C Royd, Rom, Ryan/LBR, and some others are planned as well. If you have suggestions of people you want to hear from or questions you’d like addressed on the podcast you can post them here or drop me a line at pheraidenjin@gmail dot com.

Thanks fellas and enjoy :slight_smile:

cool man, listening.

get pyro :X

whoa what a day. so much stuff to take in.

very cool pherai, keep it goinnnnnnn

This is my favorite podcast just from the Q theme. :slight_smile:

But seriously, this is pretty awesome. I’m digging all the insight from you, yuuki and ericxchin.

Yay a 3rd strike podcast! You should get rockefeller on sometimes… that would be amazingly hype.

Great stuff, love the tone!
Looking forward to more of it!

Good work guys. Thanks for making this and letting people know 3s is still alive!

Question: Who is the lovely lady in Pherai’s avatar? The reason he got arrested in Japan?

Awesome podcast, but for the first third of it EricxChin sounded like he’d rather be waiting at the DMV.

thanks for listening guys. it was my first podcast so wasn’t too comfortable but itll only get better with time. :slight_smile:

No but she’d be totally worth it! It’s Minzy from the Korean pop group 2NE1

Haha yea I was kind of out of it. If I remember I was pounding a coffee down in the middle of the cast :slight_smile:

enjoyed listening to the podcast, good work all.

Nice shit. Yo go get John D. in there.

I will download this asap (no pc at the moment, only use my phone). I would like to see John D. on the show too. Does Ken I still play? If so Id like to hear him on the show too.

i dont speak for pherai and eric but i presume getting john d and ken i on a podcast isn’t a priority. neither play anymore, and at least personally, i want this podcast to be progressive and think its in the best interest of everyone to have guests who are still active and are up to date on things. while hearing about history is fun, i think it would be more beneficial to be more progressive since this is a 2nd wind for american 3s so to speak.

Sextaro doesn’t play anymore? Damn. I would want Pyro to do some talk.

ken loves tekken. even at sbo last year he was all about playing tekken. and i still lose to him :frowning:

Good job, the only thing I didn’t like was that the audio was split so that pherai and yuuki were on the right side and ericxchin on the left…sounds annoying to me atleast. Hope theres more soon!

John D still plays at family allot. Should give him a holler. Also would like to hear Ryan.

looking forward to more podcasts